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What is any info on a J Stevens Whippet Model C 22 rifle?

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Contact me. I'll send you a scan of the manual. Send me another message, I have additional info. for you.

From Savage Firearms. They bought Stevens in 1920, and it is part of their company.

Made for Sears Roebuck. Same gun as the Savage Model 6 or Stevens Model 87. Savage made these from 1938 to 1968.

I have a Springfield model 87a. 22 short an long rifle automatic. It was made by j. Stevens firearm co in Chicopee falls mass USA. Can I get a parts catalog for it an when was it made

Depends on model and condition. Could be $10, could be $300. We need more info to answer. Sorry

Made for Sears Roebuck. Same gun as the Savage Model 6 or Stevens Model 87. Savage made these from 1938 to 1968.

the savage/stevens model 71 was made from 1930-1934,there were 10,000 made.

A whippet gun is a Browning Auto , or a Remington model 11, cut down ( so that it still operates) Both the barrel, and Stock are shortened. See related link for more info.

The stevens model 59A was made by savage arms from 1937-1967.I am afraid that this is the best I can do with the info available.

My father left us the same Stevens Model 87A rifle. Have you found any info on what it is worth... as in what should I expect to receiver in a private party sale? thanks if you can pass on any info. Cheryl These guns typically sell at retail for under $100.

Depending on the model from 1890-2009, need more info.

AnswerModel 56 or 056 is a .22 bolt action repeater that has a clip magazine. Model 55 or 055 is the same rifle but single shot only.A good source for history and manufacturing date ranges for different Stevens firearms is: A good source for parts is Hope these help you find what you need!

The only info I have on the stevens model 94 shotgun is that it was made between the years 1926-1945.

Your rifle was made for Sears by Marlin, and is a model 336C.

Single shot, 24"barrel, value from 50-150 depending on condition.

AnswerI saw a Traiblazer for sale on AA for $995, so go figure!Okiesmith, I have a Stevens 29A and am in need of a 29A breechbolt w/firing pin. Are you interested in getting rid of your part that doesn't fit? DSPHDI was needinng the same info and from a post on another forum i found out : "Premier Model Trail Blazer" is a house brand name for a rifle that was manufactured by Stevens, to be marked under the Premier Model Trail Blazer name. Your rifle is really a Stevens Model 29A. I was unable to find any date information on the 29A but I can tell you that values for this type of rifle are in the $75.00 range"Hope this helps. - OkiesmithI have addition information about this rifle. I took it to my Gunsmith and they identified it as a Model 29, not a 29A. I also bought the 29A breechbolt and it does not work.The rifle is considered a "Gallery Gun" Used in the early 1900's for the old target shooting gallery games. Once the Gunsmith found that the firing pin and some of the springs needed to be replaced, the rifle is ready for some action.

The 38-55 cartridge was not around in 1794,its very possable that your rifle was patented in 1894 which would be appropriate for the cartridge in question,and rifle.I would need more info on the rifle in question including the model number or name,along with a detailed description of the overall condition of the rifle to give it a designated value.

I am looking for the same thing. I have a J. Stevens model 54 in .410 that my grandfather left me and cannot find any info on this shotgun. It is bolt action with a cocking knob on the rear of the bolt. Any info would be appreciated.

The Winchester model 64 rifle in 30WCF caliber is a highly collectible Winchester rifle model. The gun was produced from the 1930s until the 1960s and came with factory iron sights and a wood stock.

Would need more info on the rifle, caliber, model, condition and images would be nice

The Pioneer Model 23 .22 rifle sold by Gamble Stores Incorporated is equivalent to the Stevens Model 52B. Savage/Stevens produced several firearms that were sold through dept. stores that put their brand name on them. You can find gun parts for it through Numrich Gun Parts Corp @ Look for the Stevens 52B, the majority of parts are sold out. The gun would have been produced in the mid-30's. Hope this helps.

Is it a shotgun or rifle? Caliber/gauge? Not a model number I have seen. They are usaully marked something like J.C. Higgins Model 20, 101.1, 583.13, 583.2078 etc.. Without more info, no way to know who made it. Could be be Sako, Savage, Marlin, High Standard, Stevens

What type of gun? Rifle, shotgun, type of action? Need more info to identify model.

What you have is this. Crescent Firearms was a large manfacturer of shotguns in the late 1880's in Norwich, Ct. In 1893 they sold out to H&D Folsom Arms Co. of N.Y. They produce many shotguns under over 200 names. As for your Whippet they were a large Chicago Hardware firm who they put their name on firearms. In 1931 Folsom sold out to J. Stevens who then were pick up by Savage later. Your was made in the early 1930's for this hardware co. You should have a gunsmith check for chamber length as they did not make them 2 3/4 inch till about 1927. Value is very low $50. to $100. this is and I own the j Stevens Whippet model c 22. The answer to my original question sounded like you described a shotgun. This not a shotgun but a 22 rifle. So I'm still looking for info on this. Thanks Whippet rifles and shotguns were made c. 1920-1945 by the Stevens division of Savage Arms for Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company, a hardware retail/wholesale operation in Chicago. I could make a guess at the value of your .22 if you would describe it more fully. What type of action does it have and is it a single shot or repeater? The condition, either stated as a percentage of the original finish remaining or according to NRA grading standards.

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