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It is a substance called an ionic compound. It has a definite chemical composition of NaCl. Mixtures do not have a definite chemical composition.

Matter ( in any form) with a definite chemical composition . Also a umbrella term for drugs( substance abuse)

a mineral is defined as any inorganic substance that occurs in nature and has a definite chemical composition.

The components of a mixture are not chemically combined and do not have a definite composition. A pure substance is either an element or a compound (in which case it is composed of elements that are chemically combined) and has a definite composition.

Sugar is a pure substance because it has a definite composition. Its molecular formula is C12H22O11.

A mineral is any naturally occurring inorganic solid with a regular crystalline structure and a definite chemical composition. So yes.

No. The clay used for bricks is not a pure substance.

Definite chemical refers to a characteristic that a substance must possess to meet the definition of a mineral.

Because water is a compound, a type of pure substance, which has a definite composition.

A pure substance is classified by having a definite and constant composition. The substance can be either an element or a compound, but what makes the substance pure, is that it does not vary.

Table salt is a pure substance. It is combined in such a way that it is uniform and definite in composition.

Gold is considered a substance. More specifically, it is considered a pure substance due to its uniform and definite composition no matter what size it is.

A bubble is not a substance, it is a physical structure that can form in virtually any liquid. Because of this bubbles do not have a definite composition and so do not have a chemical formula.

A pure substance is an element or a compound. An element is composed of the same kinds of atoms, and compounds are composed of atoms of different elements chemically bonded, having a definite composition. A mixture is composed of substances that are not chemically bonded and does not have a definite composition.

In mineralogy, definite chemical composition refers to a characteristic that a substance must possess to meet the definition of a mineral. It is the narrow parameter of chemical compositions that a substance must have to be described as a particular mineral separate from other minerals.

No, Brick does not have a definite chemical composition.

In any pure chemical substance that contains more than one element, the mass ratios between any two of its constituent elements is always the same.

If ice is made of pure water, then it is a pure substance with a definite composition, H2O, and not a mixture.

Matter with a definite composition is a pure substance, such as an element, molecule, molecular compound, or ionic compound.

Any particular isolated sample of a mixture has a definite chemical composition, but the general idea of a mixture, even of the same materials, implies variability in possible chemical composition.

The concentrations of the components of a mixture may vary. However, a pure substance has a definite composition that does not vary.

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