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What is archaebacteria where does it live and what it feeds on or produces?

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βˆ™ 2008-02-20 06:38:01

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Archaebacteria lives in the bottom of the ocean. Archaebacteria lives in the bottom of the ocean.

2008-02-20 06:38:01
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Q: What is archaebacteria where does it live and what it feeds on or produces?
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Related Questions

Does archaebacteria live where no other organism can live?

archaebacteria can live where no other organism could live

What archaebacteria that produces methane gas?


Does archaebacteria live in a volcano?

yes archaebacteria can live in the most extreme conditions

What bacteria produces methane gas?

they are in kingdom archaebacteria.

What is a characteristic archaebacteria?

a characteristic of archaebacteria are that they live in environments without oxygen

Differentiated the characteristic of Archaebacteria and Eubacteria?

Eubacteria live in extreme environments. archaebacteria live everywhere else.

Were do archaebacteria live?

In extreme environments

Where does archaebacteria live?

Hot and acidic enviroments.

What prokaryotes live in harsh environments?


What kingdoms live in poisonous conditions?


What is a characteristics of archaebacteria?

they live just everywhere

What kingdom do organisms which live in extreme harsh conditions live?

archaebacteria (:

What is an example of a archaebacteria?

Archaebacteria organisms are single celled. One type of archaebacteria is the methanogens which live in oxygen free environments. The halophiles live in water. The thermophiles live in hot areas. Some examples are nanoarchaeum equitans, methanococcus voltae, sulfolobus shibatae, and salarchaeum.

Where does eubacteria live?

unlike archaebacteria that live in extreme environments, eubacteria live elsewhere

Bacteria that live under extreme conditions?


Chemosynthetic prokaryotes that live in harsh environments?


Do protists and archaebacteria live together in colonies?


Prokaryotes that live in extreme environments are in what domain?


Does Archaebacteria live in extremely hot environments?

yes they do

What is bacteria that live under extreme condition?


Does archaebacteria need oxygen or sunlight to live?


What kind of archaebacteria live in hot springsand in boiling deep ocean vents?

The types of archaebacteria which live in hot springs and boiling deep ocean vents are thermophiles.

What is the archaebacteria niche?

Archaebacteria live in extreme conditions that are hot, acidic etc. (e.g volcanoes, hot springs, sewage)

What are the members of the kingdom archaebacteria?

Unicellular or single celled prokaryotes are part of the archaebacteria kingdom. Many archaebacteria live in hot climates. The waste products that they produce may have flammable gases.

The prokaryotes that live in extreme environments are classifed in the kingdom?