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Q: What is asexual reproductive process in which the cell divides into two separate genetically identical cells?
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Asexual produced offspring are genetically?


What type or reproduction produces plants that are genetically identical?


Is asexual reproduction is?

In asexual reproduction, one parent produces genetically identical offspring by mitosis.

Is asexual reproduction?

In asexual reproduction, one parent produces genetically identical offspring by mitosis.

What is an reproduction in which a single parent produces offspring that are genetically identical to the parent?

This is called "asexual reproduction".

The production of offspring genetically identical to the parent plant is the result of?

asexual reproduction

What reproductive process creates identical daughter cells?

Asexual Reproduction

What is genetic continuity is maintained through asexual reproduction?

Offspring are genetically identical to their parents.

What kind of reproduction leads to large populations lacking genetic diversity and consisting of genetically identical organisms?

Asexual reproduction because in asexual reproduction, the offspring is genetically identical to the parent. One of the advantages of asexual reproduction is large population because in asexual reproduction, only one parent is involved. The types of organisms that have asexual reproduction are: Algae, yeasts, and protozoans.

What is the stage of asexual reproduction when the nucleus divides to form 2 genetically identical nucleus?


What type of reproduction results in offspring that are usually genetically identical to previous and explain why?

Genetically identical offspring are produced by asexual reproduction, also known as cloning. In asexual reproduction, the parent organism simply replicates its own genetics. This is in contrast to sexual reproduction in which two parent organisms combine their genetics.

What kinds of reproduction ensure that each daughter cell is genetically identical to the parent cell?

The daughter organism is identical to the parent in asexual reproduction.