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What is assisted suicide?

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Assisted SuicideNormally, an adult who really wants to commit suicide is able to do so. However, an adult who is weak and bedridden, for example, may want to commit suicide but be physically unable to do so, and may want assistance from another person. This ranges from helping the bedridden person put poison in a glass of water to more active help. As far as I know, in most countries and states anyone helping another person to commit suicide risks extremely serious charges, such as murder.
  • It is when someone completely aware of a persons attempt at suicide makes an action or attempt of their own to offer help or "assist" in the suicidal persons suicide actions physically.
  • It is not assisted suicide to sell someone the gun that they will use to kill themselves because it is not physically harming them though it is physically handing them a gun !
  • It is not assisted suicide to stand and watch a person kill themselves because you are not physically helping them.
  • It is not assisted suicide to stand and guide a person through their plan though it is helping them vocally.
  • The reason why the law made physical help considered assisted suicide is because It gives them the proof to charge the person with assisting the suicide

Assisted suicide is when the person that is ill has someone help them die. If someone is dying an extremely painful death that no medication can help, and the disease progression will only make them worse, then the topic of Assisted Suicide may come under consideration.

Euthanasia is a form of assisted suicide. It can be used to end a terminal patients life where the patient is mentally aware of what is going on and has requested it themselves, but it is considered not ethical in many Countries and it's not legal in many more Countries, although it is legal in Switzerland to name just one.

Euthanasia is a topic that's being hotly discussed around the World for legal use. It is already in use for animals and prisoners on Death Row.

Assisted suicide is illegal in Canada and U.S. at the time of this writing (7/2011).

Dr. Jack Kevorkian was perhaps the most famous doctor in recent times to develop a controlled setting with his machine, where the patient was in total control of pushing the button that ended their life, when they wanted to be released from their agony. Many hated him for it, while others believed he did nothing wrong.

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The phrase "assistant suicide" is not used or used very frequently. The term is "assisted suicide".

Most people disagree with assisted suicide. Some people say assisted suicide is murder. Assisted suicide proponents say that every competent person has the right to die with dignity.

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Q: What is assisted suicide?
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What happens during assisted suicide?

Assisted suicide is when the person who is committing suicide is assisted by another person, who will provide the implements of the suicide and/or instructions, and who knows that the person is about to commit suicide. Normally the suicide patient will follow instructions, which will induce his death.

Where does assisted suicide take place?

assisted suicide can take place anywhere, it normally takes place at home or in a hospital. It is only classed as assisted suicide if you give the person the means of suicide or not stop them. If you hang, shoot or put the drugs in the persons mouth it is murder not assisted suicide.

Where in the US is passive assisted suicide legal?

Assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington, and Montana.

What does the Constitution say about assisted suicide?

There is nothing in the United States Constitution about assisted suicide. It is up to the states to make assisted suicide legal or illegal. This is shown by 3 states legalizing assisted suicide while the others hold on to laws making it illegal

What are the ways to commit assisted suicide?

Assisted suicide means that someone is helping someone commit suicide. Therefore it's any of the usual ways to commit suicide, just with someone helping.

Who assisted Cassius suicide?


Where would doctor assisted suicide be legal?

Currently the only states in the United States of America where doctor assisted suicide is legal is in Washington, Oregon and Montana however all states have the power to allow and regulate assisted suicide.

In which states is physician assisted suicide legal?

Assisted suicide is legal in the following states of the United States: Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Vermont. Besides that there are several more countries where assisted suicide is legal, for example in Colombia or The Netherlands.

How many years in jail might you receive for an assisted suicide?

You should receive 4 years for assisted that's what I would say. In the UK assisted suicide is against the law, but in recent years nobody has been prosecuted for it, even in high-profile instances. In Switzerland, assisted suicide is legal.

How is physician assisted suicide performed?

easy they just help them commit suicide

What is another word for assisted suicide?


Is assisted suicide in all 50 states?


What is physician-assisted suicide?

Physician-assisted suicide basically is a type of assisted suicide in which a physician is involved, usually one who will prescribe some medication or combination of medications that taken together and following the instructions given, will induce the patient's death. The physician will not administer the medication, and may not be present during the commission of the suicide.

Is there any law that allows persons with terminal diseases to commit suicide?

This is controlled at the state level and currently only one state allows assisted suicide (or euthanasia) and that is Oregon. There are three states that do not have laws criminalizing assisted suicide and they are: North Carolina, Utah and Wyoming. In Ohio, that state's supreme court ruled in October 1996 that assisted suicide is not a crime. In Virginia, there is no real clear case law on assisted suicide , nor is there is a statute criminalizing the act, although there is a statute which imposes civil sanctions on persons assisting in a suicide. Most European countries allow assisted suicide in cases where the patient is terminally ill.

Was assisted suicide ever legal?

No, it was never legal.

Is a medical coma considered an assisted suicide?

No. Assisted suicide involves the patient killing themselves. A medical coma does not involve death, so they are two separate issues.

What is a generalization for assisted suicide?

A valid generalisation for assisted suicide is that you will be prosecuted for murder or manslaughter similar to a murderer/criminal. It is against the law to assist someone to kill themselves.

What actors and actresses appeared in Assisted Suicide Hotline - 2008?

The cast of Assisted Suicide Hotline - 2008 includes: Vanessa Lynne Smith Bryan Pugh

When did assisted suicide become legal in Oregon?

Physician Assisted Suicide or PAS for the terminally ill is legal in Oregon under the Oregon Death with Dignity Act since 1997.

What do the Church of England think about suicide?

The Church of England and all Anglican denominations are against suicide or assisted suicide even when those wishing to die are not members of a church. In fact they regularly influence politicians to vote against any changes to laws for assisted suicide.

How much did Jack Kevorkian charge for his assisted suicide services?

He charged nothing he did all his assisted suicides for free

Did Sigmund Freud committ suicide?

It was an assisted suicide, after Freud had suffered from many years of oral cancers.

What is the Clinical term for assisted suicide or mercy killing?


What country has legalized physician-assisted suicide?

The Netherlands.

Is assisted suicide illegal?

yes you can be put in a mental hospital