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What is available chlorine?

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The quantity of chlorine released by a bleaching powder when treated with acid.

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Does it matter what brand of chlorine you use as long as it contains the same available chlorine?

If the available chlorine is the same percentage then they are the same.

What is the percentage of available chlorine bleaching powder?

34% available chlorine-30%-40%

Can you swim in pool hat has a normal chlorine level but the free chlorine level is high?

There is 3 measurements of chlorine in a pool or spa. Total chlorine, combined chlorine, and free available chlorine. Free available chlorine is the good chlorine that is active in the pool killings germs and algae. Combined chlorine is chlorine is basically chlorine that was once active but has killed germs or bacteria and is now inactive in the pool. Total chlorine is free available and combined chlorine added together. If your combined chlorine is higher than free available chlorine then the water needs to be shocked to eliminate the combined chlorine. But be careful here. If you don't reach what's called break point you will only add to the combined chlorine. There are products on the market which will only remove combined chlorine without effecting your free available chlorine if you are unsure about reaching breakpoint. Hope this helps.

What is free chlorine in a pool?

There are 3 components to the chlorine level in the pool. Total chlorine, Free chlorine, and Combined chlorine. Free chlorine is the chlorine available for sanitation.

How can you change combined chlorine to free available chlorine?

Just shock it to break point and your at free chlorine.

What is the difference between free chlorine and free residual chlorine?

chlorine present in free or bound form, or in both forms. In water treatment, free/residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine that is still available to do its job of disinfection. Bound chlorine is chlorine that has been used up. It is still in the water, but it is no longer available for disinfection.

What is meant by available chlorine in bleaching powder?

Usually it relates to hypochlorites content in the product. Available chlorine is the quantity of chlorine that can hypothetically be produced by reaction of bleaching powder with hydrochloric acid. Greater the available chlorine is - greater oxidation ability the bleaching powder has. For example, available chlorine 5% means that fixed amount of something can be oxidized by (100/5)X=20X grams of bleaching powder and the same can be done with only X grams of pure chlorine.

What is the difference from total chlorine and chlorine residual?

Free or residual chlorine is chlorine that is present in the form of hypochlorous acid, hypochlorite ions or as dissolved elemental chlorine. Bound chlorine is that fraction of the total chlorine that is present in the form of chloramines or organic chloramines. Total chlorine is that chlorine that is present in free or bound form, or in both forms. In water treatment, free/residual chlorine is the amount of chlorine that is still available to do its job of disinfection. Bound chlorine is chlorine that has been used up. It is still in the water, but it is no longer available for disinfection.

What is free chlorine?

Free Chlorine is the Chlorine which is free to do its work in the pool, as opposed to Combined Chlorine which is chlorine that has combined with contaminants and is tied up and ineffective as a sanitizer in the pool. Sometimes you will see it abbreviated as FAC, which stands for Free Available Chlorine.

What is total residual chlorine?

Total Residual Chlorine (TRC) is the total of free available residual chlorine and combined (bound) residual chlorine. The amount of measurable chlorine remaining after treating water with chlorine i.e. amount of chlorine left in water after the chlorine demand has been satisfied

What does tcca 90 do in a swimming pool?

It is a source of available chlorine.

Where can you find a balloon filled with chlorine and why?

You can't. Chlorine is a dangerous, corrosive, poisonous gas and is not available in balloons.

How much chlorine is needed to shock a 30000 gallon pool?

You'll need about 7lbs. of Calcium Hypochloride. Use this, not liquid chlorine becasue liquid is about 12% chlorine while cal. hypo is 65% It doesn't matter if you use cal hypo or 12% liquid chlorine. 7 pounds of 65% cal hypo yields 4.55 pounds of available chlorine. 4-1/2 gallons of 12% liquid chlorine would yield the same result, as a gallon of liquid yields about a pound of available chlorine. Chlorine is chlorine . . . the important aspect is use the proper amount to deal with your particular situation.

Is there an inflatable-pool sanitizer that is non-chlorine?

There are many non-chlorine options for sanitizing pools, both above and in ground. Sodium Bromide is one option that is usually readily available.

How many chlorine generator pools in Massachusetts?

I don't think statistics are available on this.

What bleach is used in making chloroform?

chlorine bleach available in chamical store

What is one use for chlorine?

Chlorine is used in the process of cleaning water before its available for human consumption. It kills the bacteria in the water that can cause diseases.

How do you test free chlorine in a cooling tower?

There are test kit available in the market to check chlorine concentration in ppm levels. It also had real-time analyser for the chlorine in the market. You may want to search for DPD Colorimetric Method for the titration mechanism of chlorine.

What to do when your pool does not retain chlorine?

Ad cyanuric acid/stabilizer, this is available from your pool shop

Among the alternative sweeteners available in the US which has a structure that intergrates chlorine atoms?


Why doesn't chlorine produce a basic solution when dissolved in water?

To make a basic solution, it has to contain available hydroxide ions. Chlorine doesn't, so it can't be basic.

What is free available chlorine residual vs a combined chlorine level?

Combined chlorine is when the chlorine molecule has attached itself to other molecules in water. In other words it has "combined" with something else in the water. Those could be iron, manganese, ammonia or other things depending on the source water. Free chlorine is the molecules that are "free" in the water to do the disinfection.

Is HClO also called available chlorine when water is disinfected using bleaching powder?


When to add chlorine to the pool?

Testing kits are available to indicate when this is required. the best time of day to do this is in the evening as the nigh with no sunlight will not loose you as much chlorine until the next day.

Does a dog swimming in the pool reduce the pool's chlorine level?

Any one or thing swimming in the pool will reduce the amount of free chlorine available in the swimming pool. Dog hair body fats and other impurity's will take up free chlorine in the pool thereby reducing the amount of effective chlorine available. Dogs bring into the pool more contaminants than do humans for AA lot of various reasons.