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The rate we use energy is called power, and it is measured in watts. Power over time clocks up to energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh). (It makes no sense to talk about kilowatts per hour.)

kWh units of energy are totaled up in the electricity bill. UK households use 3-4000 kWh of electricity each year on average. This represents a rate of electricity consumption of about 400 watts on average. On average, each person in the UK uses about 200 watts of electricity and as there are 8760 hours in each year this adds up to about 1800 kWh per year each.

Here is a useful link:

According to this page: Working couples consume 4117kWh

Single people consume 3084kWh

Nuclear families consume 5480kWh

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Q: What is average power consumption of a house in UK in Kwh?
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How many kwh does an average house use?

Using the Google search term "average household electricity consumption kwh"

What is the average US household electricity consumption in 2011?

11000 kwh

How many kwh does a average house use in a day?

20 kWh.

How many KWh does an average 3000 squ house use?

about 10,000 KWh

What is the average cost of an electric bill for a house?

There are two main factor to calculate an electric bill of a house. 1. Tariff per KWH 2. The load of House in terms of KW If you have average consumption of your house then you can calculate easily your house bill. For example you have average use of 100 KWH per month and tariff is $2.00 for 1 KWH then you average bill will be $400 per month. But again it depends the home appliances being used in your house and tariff defines by the electric company.

What is the unit of energy power consumption?

kWh is equivalent to 3.6×106 J

What is the average power consumption of a home in the US?

936 kWh/month, according to EIA:

How do you find the cost per kilowatt per hour?

Find the consumption of power in kwh for a given period. Find the corresponding cost. Divide cost by the total kwh. Most energy companies indicate the average kwh cost incurred for a given month in their monthly statements.

What is the average electricity bill for people in Britain?

The average electricity consumption is 4,800 kWh per is average UK electricity bill is £669.60

If a house used 1815kWh over the coarse of 29 days then how many kilowatts did the house use up on average in that 29 days?

1815/29 = 62.586 kWh per day, average energy usageAverage power consumption = 1,815,000/(29 x 24) = 2,607 watt-hours per hour = 2,607 watts

How much energy does the average French household use?

The average electrical consumption per household in France is 6762 Kwh per year.

What is the average kWh usage per house in the US?

Depends on the total connected load of the house.

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