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the average speed is the speed you calculated when you have different speeds at different points or distances.

It is different from speed because average speed has many speeds averaged into one speed ..while speed is specifically only one.

Speed is instantaneous speed, whereas average speed is the average of the instantaneous speeds over an interval (time).

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Q: What is average speed and how is it different from speed?
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Is average speed the same as speed?

Average Speed is different from average speed becoz speed is particular while avera speed is the total distance divided from time

How is velocity different from average speeed?

Velocity is speed and its direction. Average velocity is average speed and its direction.

What is the same instantanoeus speed and average speed?

different on constant and instantaneous speed

How is instantaneous speed different from average speed?

BecuZ average is the same limit and the other is nesting velocity

How is instantaneous speed different from average?

Average speed is computed for the entire duration of the trip, and instantaneous speed is measured at a particular instant.

Why is the actual speed usually different from its average speed?

because the real speed is changing every sec

Why is actual speed different from average speed?

If you travel for an hour at 60mph then travel another hour and 50mph your average is 55mph. Your speed difference is 10mph.

How is average speed different from instantaneous speed?

The average speed is the speed that it takes to travel a certain distance in a certain time. Average speed is determined by dividing the distance traveled by the time taken to get there. Instantaneous speed is a certain speed at any given time.

What is the different between constant speed and average speed?

Constant speed is unchanging. average speed is an average of speeds over a time (or distance) span and those speeds can have changed a lot. The average speed of something travelling at constant speed has however exactly the same value as the constant speed of that object.

How does the average speed of light in glass compass with its speed in a vacuum?

There are several different types of glass, and light has a somewhat different speed in each of them. On the average, the speed of light across all typical types of glass is in the neighborhood of 2/3 its speed in vacuum, or around 200,000 km/sec .

Why is average speed not always the same as final speed?

It almost never is ... define average : ALL the different speeds divided by the number of times you measured it.

Are speed and average speed different?

Yes, because average speed is all of the different speeds added together and then divided by how many speeds there are (ex: 70 mph + 60 mph = 130 mph. 130 mph divided by 2 = 65 mph (which is the average speed)) and speed is just how fast an object is moving (ex: 80 mph is the speed of something going 80 mph).

When are speed and average speed the same?

Average speed is an average value of speed over a given time. If your speed is constant (not changing), then your average speed will equal your speed at any given moment in time.

Each planet moves in a different orbit and at a different?

Each planet moves in a different orbit, at a different average distance from the sun, and at a different speed.

What is the average speed of airplane?

It's 1/2 of the airplane's top speed ... a different number for every model of aircraft.

What is the average speed of a baseball?

90mph is the average speed

What is the average speed of a gecko?

what is the average speed of a gecko

How do you find the average speed of an object?

Average distance ______________ = Average Speed Average time

How can we calculate the average speed for several different parts of the journey?

Measure the distance covered in a section and divide by the time taken to cover that distance. The result is the average speed for that section.

What is the difference between instantaneous speed average speed and acceleration?

Instantaneous speed: The speed at which I'm moving right now, this instant.Average speed: (The distance I covered during some period of time) divided by (the length of time).I may have had different instantaneous speeds at different points during that time.Acceleration: The rate at which speed changes. Acceleration can also be instantaneous or average overa period of time.

What is the average speed on landing speed of Boeing 747 jet?

There are many different types of 747. The average landing speed would be 150 knots for a 747. It can be anywhere from about 120 to 180 knots depending on gross weight

Formula for average speed?

average speed = distance / time

What are nonexamples of average speed?

Methamphetamine is a nonexample of average speed.

Average speed is indicated on the speedometer?

I would call it current speed, not average speed.

What is the average running speed of a hamster?

The average speed of an [average] hamster = 1.2 mph