What is aww in chating?

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It's the same thing as saying "aww" in real life. It's saying you find something cute or funny.
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How to i chat with others i have id in chating?

my company theres just 3 of us were all 12 were the creators of shainentertainment.com and livsy.com and now were about to release a new site called meteorgamez.com on the 20th of July 2007 and when its done were gonna release a new game the biggy...... its got all the features of crudy runescape ( Full Answer )

He chated on you but he says this hurt him is it true?

Answer . Well, if you know the guy well enough you can just see it in his eyes the truthfullness and meaningfulness telling you he truly means it but i have to say the first cut is the deepest but any cut hurts and some time the smalest of hem sting and hurt the most hope i helped!!

Is Jonas Brothers do chating?

That following question does not make sense. But from the clues you used in the question, I will do my best to answer it. The Jonas Brother's chat with people on many interviews. They get interviewed almost everywhere they go. They try to answer truthfully, but sometimes have to lie about their pers ( Full Answer )

What are some chating websites?

well if you're like 20 or under moshi monsters if so add me taytaysuperfun. or then there's cleverbot and omegle. cleverbot is not human but omegle is where you talk to strangers. most ask for asl so be prepared.

Where are Kid websites for chating with no parent or email required?

Well im pretty sure theres none. However as far as im concerned there are ones where you enter YOUR email. habbo. or fantage. the reason why they make them so you have to have an email, is so they can send you Accont bannings and Reset password instructions. Well im pretty sure ( Full Answer )

Is lny-z chating on gerad way?

As much as I may dislike Lyn-Z, I don't think shes cheating. She's now pregnant with his child and they seem happy.

How do you open the back of a AWW Co Waltham Mass key wind pocket watch to view the serial number if you do not have the key?

Place the watch face down in the palm of your left hand. Place the palm of your right hand on back of the watch. Push palms together and turn right hand counter-clockwise. Clock back should screw off.. I have one watch like that, but this watch has hinges. I can get the first part open, but not the ( Full Answer )

Virtual worlds for chating and dating?

IMVU would be a good bet if you're looking for cyber dating. There's also a bunch of horny 12 year old boys on Gaia. IMVU is a bit more mature though, and also has a setup that would better allow both an actual relationship and cybering. It's in 3-D so if your computer sucks it might run slow and la ( Full Answer )

How do you explane aww?

well aw is like you see something cute aw is a word that blurps out of your mouth!

What are some cheats on the computer using alt and a number when chating?

What is is is if you press alt then three numbers on the very right of your keyboard or two numbers or even one number, then let go, something like this should happen: ╤ ╒ ▼ ♦ ☺ ☻ ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ ☺ ↓♀

Why online chating is good to us?

The good thing in online chating is that it relaxes our mind from office tension.but you should not take online chat as a serious matter because it can leave us in serious troubles

How do you impress an girl online chating?

Humour is good..but everything should come out in natural way! So try 2 be relaxed as much as you can. Just be random - to answer questions and in asking too. Don't play much..try 2 listen her and pick topics of her interests so the conversation will go fine!

What a good site for chating with avatars?

habbo hotel com whitch i probaly for teens or pre teens because you can chat but theres kinda not good stuff like dating and theres barbei girls but to chat you need parents perrmison

What website do you go to if your parents haves chating website blocked like MySpace?

Lol there is a website called NEOPETS.COM that let u dress up a pet, buy clothes and have your own home with as many rooms as you would like. You get to battle with other NEOETS and buy cool items to fight. there are different places (they show u a world map). You can also go into challenges dark fa ( Full Answer )

What do girls mean when they say aww?

it means that they are moaning or saw something scary. you probably meant to say ARRGHHH instead of "aww", i like eating tacos.

What is the meaning of 'cool' generally used in chating?

If your definition of "chatting" includes informal conversations either in-person, over the phone, or through technology (email, text message, instant message, etc.), my experience is that the word "cool" is used to indicate agreement, acceptance, or confirmation. For example: "Cool?" - Do you agree ( Full Answer )

What online games have chating?

There are many game sites that have online chatting. Some have them inline with the game, while others use forums as a method of communicating. Include in your search, key words like: "game community" That should lead you to several choices.

What are some topics you can talk to a girl while chating?

well if this qurl is anythinq like me i love to talk about myself :D so jst ask things like ~what did youh do today ~tomorow? ~favorites;food,color,animal.etc ~just anythinq as lonq as youh dont stay quite

What is the meaning of sob in chating?

To sob is to cry. Some people on the internet or in real life chatmay say "We don't want to hear your sob story" which means thatthey don't want to hear about you complaining or telling a sadstory.

What does it mean when a girl says aww after you said you like her?

If when she said it her eyes were big and wide open not looking at you that means she likes you. If she didn't do that that probably means she doesn't like you. But if you want to get her to like you this means you should flirt with her, buy her something like chocolate, and you can walk her to some ( Full Answer )

Meaning of m2m in chating?

male to male...It is the term used by males...who r interested in males and want to hava a sexual intercourse

What song has AAA aww AAA aww and clapping at the beginning?

There are several songs that have those sounds and clapping at the beginning of the tune. I would recommend resubmitting your question with additional information, such as lyrics, so we can better assist you in identifying the song.

Is Club Penguin a chating website?

Club penguin is used to chat but it is also much more. Its an online virtual land, ver safe for kids that has multiple games and LOADS more.

What is the definition of the word chate?

The definition of the word "chate" is to act unfairly of dishonest to gain an unfair advantage. This word is often used a lot in the sports world and online.

What does aww tuzo mogh korta mean?

its Konkani (Language spoken in and around Goa). "Aww Tuzo MoghKorta" literally translates to "Vachi nannu avahinchu(ఆవహించు)" or"Come and assimilate in me".