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An axial load is a force administered along the lines of an axis.

This is typically used to describe an injury in which there is compression of the spine from the head, such as when a person dives head first into shallow water and hits the top of his head on the bottom. This frequently causes fractures of the spine and possibly spinal cord injury.

It is also commonly used to describe a specific strength of materials known as their uniaxial compressive or tensile strength and also to find the variation of their strength with increasing confining pressure (as used in triaxial testing).

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Q: What is axial loading?
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What is difference between bar and beam?

bar can take axial loading only and beam can take both axial loading and transverse loading

What is the difference between a beam and a bar?

Beam can take transvesr loading and bar only axial loading

What is the difference between mechanical beam and bar?

Beam can take transvesr loading and bar only axial loading

What is an axial loading exercise?

Anything in which the load acts longitudinal to the axis. For example, holding a weight overhead or on your shoulders (like you do during squats), is an axial loading exercise because the weight decompresses your spine.

What is the difference between bar and rod?

ROD is used for axial loading and torsion, but BAR can be used for axial, torsion as well as bending loads....

What is difference between column and pillar?

In many cases these terms are interchangeable, but a column is usually subjected to mainly axial vertical loading, with some lateral load/moments, whilst a pillar is usually subjected mainly lateral loading (as a cantilever), with some axial vertical loading- an example of a pillar is to support retaining walls, or on the outsides of old buildings like cathedrals.

Why are pin joints used in truss analysis?

In a truss analysis, only the axial loading on each member is of interest. Since the pinned joint cannot transmit a bending moment, no bending stress is transmitted to the individual members, and thus only axial (tension or compression) loading occurs in the truss members.

What are the different types of columns in civil engineering?

Based om types of reinforcement 1) Tied Columns 2) Spiral Columns Based on type of loading 1) Columns with axial loading 2) with uni axial eccentric loading 3) with bi axial eccentric loading Based on Slenderness Ratio 1) Short Columns (lx/D and ly/b <12) 2) long(Slender) Columns

What has the author Gregory L Bradley written?

Gregory L Bradley has written: 'Determination of the ultimate capacity of elastomeric bearings under axial loading' -- subject(s): Bearings (Machinery), Buildings, Earthquake effects, Earthquake engineering, Testing, Axial loads

What is axial thrust?

Axial Thrust is a force that is generated in an axial direction which is by definition along the shaft

Is the lumbar vertebrae axial or appendicular?

It is axial.

Is the sternum part of the axial skeleton?

yes it IS part of the axial skeleton :) Yes it is part of the axial skeleton

What has the author Albert John Becker written?

Albert John Becker has written: 'The strength and stiffness of steel under bi-axial loading' -- subject(s): Steel, Testing

Do vertebrae belong to the axial or appendicular skeleton?


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What is the axial movement?

When was Axial Biotech created?

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How eccentric loads effect the design of columns?

incolumns with no eccentricty the entire section is subject to axial load only and the entire section is considered to be in compresion while the eccentric loading of the column results in a moment of the magnitude ( M=ep ) where e:is the eccentricity and P is the axial load acting on the column and so the section will be subjected to both tension and compression

Designing an axial fan for aircraft?

what do you mean? axial compressor (or) axial turbine? Their missions are different. Design for axial compressor or turbine, must be consider their performance. The performance is characterized by - pressure ratio, rotational speed and efficiency. The details of how to design axial fan, are very complex.

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the extremities are part of the axial skeleton

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