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There are many bad things in Ireland like Recession, Crime, Sectarianism etc.

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Does Ireland have bad soil?


What are the bad things that happen in Ireland?

Ireland has the same kinds of bad things that all countries have. Things like crime, bad weather, people in poverty, illnesses, car accidents etc., are all things that happen in Ireland. Ireland isn't as bad in those things as some countries, so it has less crime and poverty than some countries, and its weather isn't the worst in the world, and it has lots of good weather too. It is not a bad country.

Is war good or bad?

Coming from Ireland (a young, neutral country) I would think bad.

Why is living in western Ireland better than living in Ireland?

If you are living in western Ireland, then you are living in Ireland, so there is no difference. There are good and bad things about living in each part of Ireland, so it depends on what you are looking for in determining where in Ireland is the best place to live.

What do lepricons have to do with Ireland?

Leprechauns are the legendary fabled "little people" or "fairies" in Ireland. They have become synonymous with Ireland and with luck. They also have really bad breath and are as cute as buttons

Will you have a warm summer in Ireland this year?

Nobody can ever predict the weather correctly over such a period. However, given that there were bad summers in Ireland in 2007 and 2008, and given that it is unusual to have three bad summers in a row in Ireland, the chances are that 2009 will have a better summer.

What are bad things that Oliver Cromwell did?

killed most of the catholics in ireland

Does Ireland have a good unemployment rate?

No, it has a bad rate of unemployment which is about 14%.

What European country thinks shoes on a bed is bad luck?


Is jet lag bad to Ireland?

That will depend on things like how far you are flying, from which direction you are approaching Ireland and how jet lag affects you in general.

Why is all this bad weather happening in Ireland?

Global warming, most likely

Why are the summers bad in Ireland?

Because Global Warming is messing up the seasons

Was Saint Patrick bad?

It was known that Saint Patrick was not bad. He was the fifth century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland.

What are the ratings and certificates for Bad-Guy - 2014?

Bad-Guy - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: Ireland:15A

What actors and actresses appeared in Bad Girl - 2011?

The cast of Bad Girl - 2011 includes: Yanellie Ireland as Bad Girl Silvia Shaikh as Maya

Is Ireland icy?

Ireland is not a particularly cold country, mainly due to the Gulf Stream. Places further south than Ireland, such as parts of Canada and the USA get worse winter weather than Ireland does. You will get ice at times, but not very much and it is' not a permanent feature, like in countries closer to the north or south poles. Ireland can get bad winters, as it did in the winters of 2009/2010 and 2010/2011. Some winters are not bad, like the winter of 2011/2012 has been. So Ireland would not be regarded as being an icy country.

How bad is racism in Ireland?

Racism is not bad.Schools in Ireland tackle the issue so children learn to act in a respectable way towards other religions and races.

Car shipping cost India to Ireland?

Bad categories. No wonder nobody's is commenting.

Did religion cause disagreements between Ireland and Britain?

britan thought ierland was bad

In how many countries did 'Bad Boys' by Alexandra Burke go to number one in?

"Bad Boys" was number one in the UK and in Ireland.

Is River Shannon in the UK?

No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.No. It is in Ireland.

Where does Irish the person come from?


Who had the punt as their currency before the euro?


What countries have seven letters in their name with the letters derail?


What are the central issues of the conflict in Northern Europe?

The Central Issues of the conflict in Northern Ireland Is"............. The economy is bad so Wales,England, and Ireland are Debating on whether who should get the money for the. Econmomy

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