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If your degree of nearsightedness is pronounced enough that you can't perform a task as well as you wish, or if your quality of vision detracts from your enjoyment of activities, see an eye doctor. He or she can determine the degree of your nearsightedness and advise you of your options to correct your vision. Bad vision is bad vision, whether you are near or far sighted. According to a DMV site, for example, this is what is required to be able to drive: It is important to note that DMV's vision screening is not an eye exam and is not intended to be an indicator of the health of your eyes. We strongly encourage all drivers to visit their eye care professional on a regular basis. Driver's License 20/40 or better vision in one or both eyes, and 100 degrees, or better, horizontal vision in one or both eyes. Restricted to daylight hours only: 20/70 or better vision in one or both eyes, and 70 degrees, or better, horizontal vision. If only one eye, 40 degrees or better temporal and 30 degrees or better nasal are required. A restricted license permits you to drive only during the period of time beginning one-half hour after sunrise and ending one-half hour before sunset. Commercial Driver's License 20/40 or better vision in each eye 140 degrees, or better, horizontal vision These visual requirements must be met without the aid of a telescopic lens. Some drivers may be granted waivers from these vision requirements. Commercial drivers with only one eye must meet the following requirements: 20/40 or better vision in one eye 120 degrees, or better, horizontal vision

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Q: What is bad vision for near sightedness?
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Is myopia an impairment of vision due to old age?

Myopia is near-sightedness; presbyopia is an impairment of vision due to old age.

What vision abnormality occurs when light is is focused in front of the retina?

nearsightedness or myopia

What vision abnormality occurs when light is focused in front of the retina?

nearsightedness or myopia

Myopia is a disease that affects which organ?

Myopia is near-sightedness, affecting vision (and the organ, of course, would be the eye).

What is myopic vision?


When you are tired your shrinks. A. Peripheral vision B. Ability to discern color C. Near sightedness D Iris?


What does wavefront surgery correct?

The wavefront surgery corrects eye vision. It is used to correct refractive errors near sightedness, far sightedness and astigmatism. It is used to give people better eye sight.

What is near-sightedness?

myopia or "near-sightedness" as most of us refer to it is an eye condition.

How expensive is laser vision correction for being near sighted?

Laser surgery to correct near sightedness is fairly expensive. You could pay 2,100-2,500 dollars per eye.

How bad is 75-50 vision?

not that bad, you're just near-sighted.

How do a 111 years old person's vision?

The vision of a 111 year old can vary greatly, it could be 20/20 if they were exceptionally lucky, however it is far more likely that would be suffering from cataracts and either near- or far-sightedness.

Why do some people have to wear eyewear?

Some people have to wear eyewear in order to correct defects in their vision such as near sightedness and far sightedness. Other people may wear eyewear in order to prevent headaches and migraines. Some people wear eyewear without lenses to look cool.

What is another name for near sightedness?

having to have glasses :p

What are other visual problems?

There are a lot of visual problems like, glaucoma.cataract,nystagmus,strabismus,retinal detachment, far sightedness and near sightedness.

What are some eye surgery options for short sightedness?

There are many different options when looking to correct eye vision. For those with short sightedness, they can seek treatment with laser eye surgery.

Is impaired vision genetically inherited?

Often, near- or far-sightedness will run in families. If one or both parents are visually impaired, their children are more likely to be visually impaired as well, although the intensities can vary -- one child might be very nearsighted, while another might not be as bad.

What would a person suffering from Myopia be?

Myopia just means near-sightedness.

Where can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron?

One can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron from Clear Choice. This is a center that deals with eye surgery to give clearer vision. With laser eye surgery, one does not need to have contact lenses or eye glasses. This type of eye surgery is used to correct problems that has to do with far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

What job does the lens do in the eye?

i think it focuses the incoming light, so that a sharp, clear image appears on the retina. short-sightedness and long-sightedness make your vision blurry, so they must be problems with the lens. X

Discuss about the modifications and adaptations which would be proposed for a teacher of learners with low vision of learners with weak sightedness?

please answer his questions!

What determines if you are near sighted or farsighted is coolness?

This question makes no sense. It is the shape of specifric parts of the eyes that determines far or near sightedness.

What eye conditions does lasik eye surgery correct?

Lasik eye surgery will correct most sight problems. If you have glacoma or an astigmatism the lasik eye surgery cannot be performed. If, however, you have near or far sightedness, this surgery will correct you vision to 20/20.

When the image of a distant object is brought into focus in front a a persons retina the defect is called?

Myopia or near-sightedness.

What is also called short sightedness?

gadha is also called short sightedness

What is meant by short sightedness?

The inability to see the distant objects is referred to as short sightedness.Short sightedness refer to the inability to see very distant objects.

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