What is badger-baiting?

Badger-baiting involving the baiting of badgers, is a blood sport outlawed in the United Kingdom by the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835 as well as the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. The badger is a usually docile creature but is vicious cornered or threatened, possessing a vicious and tenacious bite. In addition, badgers have extremely powerful claws, used for digging in hard earth, which are more than capable of injuring the dog. A formidable adversary for any dog, the badger was a sought-after participant for the fighting pit. Drawing the badger In order to use the badger's ability to defend itself to test the dog, artificial badger dens were built, captured badgers were put in them and then the dog was set on the badger. The badger would be placed in a box, which was furnished in imitation of its den and from there a tunnel led upward. The owner of the badger puts his animal in the box. The timekeeper is equipped with a watch and the badger's owner releases the badger hunter for the fight. Whoever wants to pit his badger against the badger lets it slide into the tunnel. Usually the badger hunter is seized immediately by the badger and the dog in turn grips the badger. Each bites, tears and pulls the other with all their might. The owner quickly pulls out the dog whose jaws are clamped obstinately onto the badger by its tail. The two are separated and the badger is returned to its den. Then the dog is sent back in to seize the badger and it again is drawn out with the badger. This scene is repeated over and over again. The more often a dog is able to seize the badger within a minute, so that both can be pulled out together, the more it is up to the task and is considered game. No,it is very illegal. Do not start if you are caught you can go to prison for 6 months and have to pay a fine of £5000.