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What is batik?

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Batik is a form of textile, a wax-resistant method of dyeing fabric.

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Who uses batik?

batik artist

Where did batik originate from?

Batik originated from Indonesia.

Who invented Batik?

The exact inventor of Batik is unknown, though many sources claim batik hailed from Indonesia.

Where is batik made?

Batik was originally made in Java, Indonesia. Batik is now made all over the world

Where is batik originally from?

batik originally originated from India or Africa

When was Roland Batik born?

Roland Batik was born in 1951.

When and where did batik originate from?

Batik comes from Indonesia around 5th century

What sort of dyeing is batik?

hot wax then dyed then terns out to be batik!

How do you use batik in a sentence?

The batik of Indonesia is the most widely known.

Is batik a thick material?

Batik can be as think as they make it. There is some eco batik, which is translucent. but there is also one that you can make yourself that comes out thick.

How many types of batik are there?

so many... batik is differentiated by the location where it came from, some places in Indonesia that produce batik such as : Cirebon, Solo, Garut, Madura. All of those places are located in Java. So, for the batik produced in solo we called it batik Solo, etc. Each place has their own batik pattern as their signature, so just by looking at the pattern we can tell where the batik came from. Hope the info can help :)

When was batik invented?

Batik was first used in Asia, India and Africa. It spread from there

Where was batik first used?

Batik was first used in Asia, India and Africa.

How do they make batik?

You can check the link, there's a lot of information on batik

Which fabrics are best for batik work?

Unbleached muslin works well for batik work

Who makes batik?

Batik is a well-known process used by artists and manufacturers in Indonesia.

What is batik cloth?

Batik is just a wax painting that has been direcyed on to a cloth x

Where does the name batik come from?

Batik is a wax based dyeing technique. It originated in Indonesia.

When was Batik - album - created?

Batik - album - was created in 1978-01.

Where is batik from?


What countries use batik?

Malaysia indonasia japan are famous for batik techniques. regards sana

Is this sentence correct Mona is fray the edges of the batik.?

No, you don't need the be verb 'is' . present tense -- Mona frays the edges of the batik past tense -- Mona frayed the edges of the batik

Where did batik originate?

Batik is a method of decorating fabrics practiced for centuries by the natives of Indonesia, Africa and India

What does the name Batik mean?

Batik is a city in Morocco and a dyeing technique. I couldn't find any meaning.

What products is batik used for?

all of the fabrics from cotton to polyster silk all can be created with batik technique.