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What is batik used for?

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Batik is a decorative art form used on fabric.

How it's done

- A design is painted on untreated fabric using melted wax as a "resist" and the fabric is then dyed.

- If multiple colours are required, more wax is added and the fabric is re-dyed. This can be done many times for a multi-coloured fabric, starting with the lightest colours and dyeing darker colours over them.

- Finally the fabric is heated, to remove the wax and laundered, sometimes more than once before the fabric is made into clothing and/or decorative items.

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Where was batik first used?

Batik was first used in Asia, India and Africa.

When was batik invented?

Batik was first used in Asia, India and Africa. It spread from there

Who makes batik?

Batik is a well-known process used by artists and manufacturers in Indonesia.

What products is batik used for?

all of the fabrics from cotton to polyster silk all can be created with batik technique.

What colours are used in batik?

bubblage :P

When was batik first used?

about 2000 years ago.

Where is batik used today?

Batik is a traditional technique which is still in use in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Shri Lanka, India and Africa.

Who uses batik?

batik artist

Where did batik originate from?

Batik originated from Indonesia.

Who invented Batik?

The exact inventor of Batik is unknown, though many sources claim batik hailed from Indonesia.

Where is batik made?

Batik was originally made in Java, Indonesia. Batik is now made all over the world

Where is batik originally from?

batik originally originated from India or Africa

When was Roland Batik born?

Roland Batik was born in 1951.

What tools are used for batik?

Batik is done with the cloth being "batiked," wax that is melted in a pot or other heating device, and either a brush or a tjanting to spread the wax

When and where did batik originate from?

Batik comes from Indonesia around 5th century

What sort of dyeing is batik?

hot wax then dyed then terns out to be batik!

How do you use batik in a sentence?

The batik of Indonesia is the most widely known.

Is batik a thick material?

Batik can be as think as they make it. There is some eco batik, which is translucent. but there is also one that you can make yourself that comes out thick.

What tools are used in batik?

It is called a Tjanting Tool said (jan-ting).

How many types of batik are there?

so many... batik is differentiated by the location where it came from, some places in Indonesia that produce batik such as : Cirebon, Solo, Garut, Madura. All of those places are located in Java. So, for the batik produced in solo we called it batik Solo, etc. Each place has their own batik pattern as their signature, so just by looking at the pattern we can tell where the batik came from. Hope the info can help :)

What is batik?

Batik is a form of textile, a wax-resistant method of dyeing fabric.

What is the difference between batik and tie and dye materials?

in batik wax is used to resist dye while in tie &dye knotting &rubber banding is used to resist dye

How do they make batik?

You can check the link, there's a lot of information on batik

Which fabrics are best for batik work?

Unbleached muslin works well for batik work

What is batik cloth?

Batik is just a wax painting that has been direcyed on to a cloth x