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What is batista's new theme music?

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"I Walk Alone" by Saliva.

2006-08-23 07:03:16
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Who sings Batistas new theme music?


What is batistas theme song?

I walk alone by saliva

Batistas entrance music?

I walk alone by Saliva

Where can you download Batistas entrance music?

You can go to and download an other enterance musics.

How sings Kanes new theme song?

Kane new 2009 theme is just 1990s scary music.

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Wwe superstar edge theme music new?

edge's theme music is metalingus - by alterbridge this comment was posted 4/01/08

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What is WWE batistas email?

batistas email addres is by mantvydas best person in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Where can you download or buy John Cena's new entrance theme music?

Anywhere you can buy or download music.

Who batistas girlfriend?

he has no gf

Will the producers bring back the original theme music of the price is right?

Most likely not - that was Bob Barker's theme music for years - now with a new host comes new music ... change is good though, and the ratings don't seem affected by this change.

Is Dave Batistas daughter dead?


When was Batistas first match?


What is Batistas hometown?

Washington, DC.

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Where can i download Wwe star the rock theme music?

'the rock' theme music

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Theme Music Institute was created in 1997.

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Try a music download website.

Wwe superstar Randy Orton theme music new?

Voices- Rev TheoryBurn in my light- Mercy Drive (OLD THEME)

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What happened to batistas back?

He Got Injured

What is Batistas real Name?

Dave batista

Batistas real name?

Dave Batista