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What is batista going to do in 2008?

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He will win thr Rumble and then the WWE championship and keep it until around Survivor series

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Who is batista going out with?

he used to go out with Melina but they got separated October 2008 Nope he and Melina are still dating.

Who will john cena face at summerslam 2008?

batista and he will win [batista will win]

When did Rafael Batista die?

Rafael Batista died on 2008-10-25.

When batista visit mumbai?

21st September 2008.. he is going to visit Shahrukh Khan with The Great Khali as Batista has been confirmed a role in one of Shahrukh Khan's home production movies.

Is Batista and Trish Stratus married?

Yes July 2, 2008 No they are not never have been and never dated. Batista is going through a divorce with his wife Angie and Trish is married to her childhool sweetheart.

When was Team Batista no Eikล created?

Team Batista no Eikō was created on 2008-02-09.

Do you think Dave Batista is going to forgive Shawn Michaels?

== == No Yes July 18, 2008 There was nothing to forgive it is story line.

Does batista have an Official MySpace?

Does batista have an official myspace account? July 21, 2008 Yes, www.myspace.com/demonwrestling

Is Batista going to MMA?

he thought about it but he decided not to

Is Batista retired?

NO! But he's currently out due to surgery on his Hamstring as of December 2008 As Of 24th May 2010 Batista Retired

Whey Batista Quit The WWE?

Batista quit WWE because he claimed to have not liked the direction the company was going in.

Is Batista dating anyone in 2008?

he is married to cheyenne and have kids

When is Batista going to return to wrestling?

He will not. He has now retired.

Is Batista going to wrestle?

Not until August 2009

Is batista back to OVW?

He's going to MMA

Is Batista going to beat The Great Khali?

YES AND BATISTA LOSE BUT THE WORLD HEVIWEIGHT TITLE ISNT GOING TO THE GREAT KHALI. yes.but batista lose tis match.but the great khali isn't took the world heviweight title

Will batista be at the royal rumble in 08?

Yes, Batista is going to be in the Royal Rumble and he will be one of the final four in the Royal Rumble.

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