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Q: What is being done to save the Aral Sea?
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What good things has Kazakhstan done for the environment?

Trying various projects out with the aim to save the Aral Sea from dissapearing.

Is anything being done to help the Aral Sea?

yes the british RAF are making a deal with Kazakstan and the Kasakstanis are letting them build an airfield near Afganistan and in exchange they will help refill the Aral Sea.

What are three ways the problems of Mono Lake differ from those of the Aral Sea?

The climate in the two areas is different, in the Mono lake area it is less severe. The area the Mono lake is in is also better developed than the area the Aral sea is in. Also, there is still hope for the Mono lake, whilst no attempt is being made to save the desolate Aral sea.

What is being done to save sea turtles?


What is being done to save the sea otters?

There are quite a few things being done to save sea otters. Many people are holding rallies and giving speeches to educate the public on the importance of saving these animals.

How would you describe the Aral sea other than being a sea?

it has fishieesss

What is being done to save basking sharks?

THERE BEING HELPED by a crew called sea Shepherd

Where is the location of the sea that has no water?

The Aral Sea bordering Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. **************************************************** To save and replenish the North Aral Sea, a dam project was completed in 2005. So there is water, but not on the volume as in years gone by. The answer is: The Sea of Tranquility, which is on the Moon.

What is the Primary human cause for the shrinking of the Aral Sea?

The main cause of the shrinking of the Aral Sea is that water is being diverted from the sea to two major rivers. This diversion is needed for agricultural irrigation.

How deep is the aral sea?

how deep was aral sea

What continent is Aral Sea located?

aral sea is in asia

What is being done to save sea horses?

Well most governments are putting in laws banning fishing for sea horses

What continent is the aral sea located on?

The Aral Sea is located in Asia.

What continent is the Aral Sea located?

the aral sea is located in Asia

What sea is located between Black Sea and Aral Sea?

The Caspian Sea lies between the Aral Sea and the Black Sea.

Does the Aral sea have salt water?

Yes the Aral sea has salt water

What contenet is aral sea on?

The Aral Sea is located by Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan in Central Asia

Where does the water in the Aral Sea originate?

A map of the Aral Sea drainage basin is at the link

When did the aral sea start to shrink?

In the 1960's the aral sea started shrinking

Which country is Aral Sea found?

The Aral Sea is found between Kazahkstan and Uzbekistan

How have humans activities affected the Aral Sea?

How have humans activities affected the Aral Sea

What is causing the Aral Sea to disappear?

Due to the ill thought-out Soviet redirection of the Sea's sources, the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. The Aral Sea has been shrinking since the 1960's, causing an environmental catastrophe. Plans are afoot to try and save the sea, but whether or not this works, remains to be seen.

What is being done to save sea turtles from extinction?

There are many groups out there pushing for something to be done about saving these turtles. But I know that hunting (poaching) these turtles or any sea turtle is illegal.

What nations surround the Aral Sea?

The Aral Sea is located across the border of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Why was the Aral Sea diverted?

The Aral sea has not been diverted, but much of the water from the rivers flowing to the Aral sea have been diverted for irrigation, particularly for cotton and rice production in central Asia.