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What is being emo?

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2012-12-24 15:04:13

I'm sorry but the person who wrote the answer before me is a

complete poseur.

Emo has nothing to do with self harm, depression, wearing black

clothes and listeningn to metalcore bands.

"Being emo" is someone who listens to emocore bands like Rites

of Spring, Embrace U.S, Gray Matter, Moss Icon, Cap'n Jazz,

American Football, Jets to Brazil, Sunny Day Real Estate, Loud? and

Texas Is The Reason.

No emo or screamo bands are popular and you will not hear any

real emo bands on the TV, radio or at Warped Tour.

Emo originally is a sub genre of hardcore punk formed in 1984-5

in Washington D.C. The second wave of emo was more melodic and

mixed pop punk and indie rock while the first wave of emo inherited

fast guitar riffs, quick drums and shouting vocals.

The last two bands are examples of second wave emo bands and the

first 4 are first wave bands.

For fashion, style includes thick rimmed glasses, a messenger

bag which carries a diary and pencils, boot cuts jeans and sweaters

with a real band shirt underneath.

Being emo is about being all of that but about being emotive and

being ruled by your heart. Real emo people are often creative as

well as any other subculture and use their emotions often. And no

it is not a angst filled teenager who is very hormonal.

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