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What is best funeral protocol?

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Please allow your funeral directoe to advise you. That is part of what you are paying them for , their professional advice.

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How has Obama changed military funeral protocol?

He has not changed military funeral protocol!

What are the best item of clothing to wear on a funeral?

The best item of clothing to wear to a funeral is something black.

What mortuary in my area is best to buy a funeral casket?

What mortuary in (wherever you live) is best to buy a funeral casket?

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What protocol is best for video streaming?


What to do when military color guard drops flag while ceremonial folding during funeral?

Do nothing, the color guard knows the proper protocol.

What is the use of Transport layer protocol?

transport protocol control the transportation of data and choose the best way for transmit ion.

What are the release dates for Best of the West - 1981 The Funeral - 1.22?

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The medical term protocol is best defined as?

Plan of Study

Difference between distance vector and link state routing protocol?

A distance vector routing protocol calculates the best path based on hop count. An example would be the RIP protocol. A link-state protocol takes into account the entire topology and uses link cost to determine a best path based on cost rather than hop count. A good example of a link-state protocol is OSPF.

Where is the funeral city?

Best Guess: Halifax, Nova Scotia.

What color rose would be best for a funeral?

Black or red

What are the best envelopes to invite someone to a funeral?

The best envelopes to invite mourners to a funeral is the envelope that fits the invitation. The envelope should match the design of the invitation and be a color that is not too cheerful.

What best exemplifies global collaboration for a sustainable environment?

The Montreal Protocol

What is the best drug rehab protocol according to the doctors?

Doctors believe the best drug rehab protocol treatments are medical and behavioral therapy. This usually begins with detoxification which will also includes relapse prevention.

Identify the features of Nokia's best five WAP devices?

what are the best best wireless application protocol devices of nokia

How is a best-effort protocol different from a reliable protocol?

It broadcasts and does not actually connect then send. reliable means it makes a connection with authentication and and then sends

Which is the best movie which shows the real power of a human being?

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. The Best !!

Who has a guide on selecting Personal Alternative Funeral Services?

Visit your local funeral home or do an internet search. Your best bet online is to check out the Personal Alternative funeral services website:

What is the best protocol for video streaming over the internet?

To answer this question, one have to remind that on Internet, the HTTP protocol is dominant.So, a good video streaming protocol must have the ability to use HTTP protocol.We can quote:RTMP tunneled over HTTP (RTPMT)HTTP Live streaming (HLS)

Who sang you raise me up at george best funeral?

Brian Kennedy

What are the release dates for The Closer - 1998 My Best Friend's Funeral 1-9?

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Why is the American flag is folded the way it is at a military funeral?

Here is a link that explains it best. Flag Folding Ceremony ~

What is the difference between distance vector and link-state routing protocol?

The distance vector routing protocol and link state routing protocol both are in dynamic routing protocol. The distance vector routing protocol uses no. of hops for the finding the best route while link state routing protocol uses bandwidth (cost) of the link for the finding best route . The cost will be calculated by [10(8)/bandwidth of the link] Distance vector routing has limited hop count Link state routing has unlimited hop count. The RIP ,IGRP fall under category of distance vector routing protocol. while OSPF is of link state routing protocol. Hitesh Pardeshi

What the difference between protocol stack and protocol suite?

- In your own words, define the term 'protocol' and what is the difference between protocol and protocol suite