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What is best plastic or metal baths?


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June 06, 2007 12:31PM

I find that plastic baths are much more duarable and entertaining than metal baths, which are oftenclinical and unwelcoming. In fact if there were baths at a dentist's they were undoubtedly be made of unfriendly metal. In fact metal baths killed 430 people last year as they conduct heat, resulting in burns worse than those of being stuck in a blazing house for five hours. In fact, some baths are made from asbestos which can eventually kill its users. Plastic baths have no hazards though, and are very childfriendly. Rubber ducks feel much safer in plastic baths also and I believe that rubber ducks should always live in a secure loving environment. I hope you take my views into account and take care of your rubber duckies. Love and a hug, Henry Rimmers.