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either use a microfiber type or a foam roller. these types do not leave any streaks. they can be found at most lowes( whizz)

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Which is best to paint a house roller or paint brush?

Use a roller for most of the walls and a sash brush for edging and filling.

Do you use brush or roller to apply kilz original primer?

If you are covering a small area, such as a patch or repair, a brush is best. If however you are priming a large area it is easier and faster to use a roller.

What is better to paint a wall with a natural brush or a synthetic brush?

Either can be used. A roller would be best to cover large areas.

What is a brush and ink techniqe?

Ink and Brush painting is one of China's oldest and best known arts. Calligraphy is one of the most common types of this style of painting.

What is the best way to paint wood without a sprayer?

Use a block brush if it is a coarsely textured wood; otherwise, a roller will work best.

What is the best paint for a pool enclosure?

Use a Exterior Latex Satin paint......You can spray on or use a zip roller low nap! You will need a brush to cut in where roller cant get.

Which type of roller is best for gloss paint?

Use a foam 100mm roller to apply paint. The go over with a good quality paint brush. the idea is to apply the paint evenly .

Who paints a house?

A painter who has good experience in painting can paint your house. Joao Viana & Sons Painting company provides best Residential Painting Sydney.

What kind of paint should be used when painting shelves?

Usually Thick spray pain or just regular room painting paintAnswerIt would depend on what type of material the shelves are made of. I assume wood. The best thing would be to use a water-based paint as opposed to an oil based. If you like the looks of a natural wood grain you can also use a stain to color the shelves as well. A varnish of some sort should be applied after to ensure the paint's durability through weather, wear, etc.

What is the best way to brush a cat?

The best way is to brush the direction their fur goes into.

How do you paint wicker?

The best way to paint wicker is with a spray gun. The cracks and cervices in a piece of wicker furniture make painting with a brush tedious, messy and frustrating.

Where to find a best axial needle roller bearing manufacturer and I need to buy axial needle roller bearing?

Changzhou Zhihua Bearings Co., Ltd. is professional axial needle roller bearing manufacturer. They specialized in this field for many years. if you want to buy best axial needle roller bearing, the company will be the best choice. They will be the best axial needle roller bearing supplier!

What is the best fruit to eat?

apples are the best,they help brush ur teeth, well sorta.still brush though

What brush is best to use for a Jack Russell?

a brisk weekly brushing is best done with a stiff bristle brush

What is the best brush for people with straight hair?

A flat, wide paddle brush is the best hairbrush for straight hair.

What is the best oil painting brush?

Red marter hair. It's rather expensive, but worth it. Only if you like to paint with rough gestures, rubbing and pushing the brush, better take cheap bristle, or ladies make-up brushes (the smaller ones, for eyeshadow etc).

What type of brush should you use on your hair?

100% boar bristle brush is the best type of hair brush to use.

What type of brush is best used on childrens hair?

A smaller brush with wider bristles.

What is the world's best roller coaster?


Who is the best roller blader?

Chris haffey

What is the best breed of a racing pigeon?


What is a complexion brush used for?

A complexion brush is used for make-up application. The brush is best used for putting on powder. The brush can also be used for blush and bronzer application.

What is easier to learn on roller blades or roller skates?

I learned on Roller blades, but Roller Skates are best, since it is easier to learn. But, in my opinion, roller blades are more fun, so if you learn on skates, try blades afterwards. Hope this helps!

What is the best vacuum for both carpet and hardwood floors?

What is probably the best vacuum for this dual application isn't one made by a particular manufacturer, but one t hat has a special feature. That feature is a roller (brush roll, beater bar, or other name) that can be turned on or off either mechanically or electrically. A roller is arguably the best way to clean carpet as the bristles on that part loosen debris for efficient pick up. But the roller creates a lot of air turbulence, and this can actually be seen to push debris away from the nozzle when the machine is used on bare floors. Debris on a bare floor doesn't need the loosening effect of the roller. It just needs to get under the roller housing to get caught up in the air stream that carries it to the bag/filter.

Does the bizzaro roller coaster have loops?

No, but it has really big drops and is probably the best roller-coaster I have ever been on.

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