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What is better- Lexapro or citalopram?


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This depends. The two drugs are very similar in the way they work and which one is better will really depend on the sensitivity of the patient and the patient's pocket book. Lexapro (Escitalopram) was developed from the molecule Citalopram. The drug maker removed the part of the molecule that was believed to cause many of the adverse side effects of Citalopram. As a result, it is believed to be cleaner and much easier on the body. Lexapro, however, is much more expensive then Citalopram because the drug maker still has a patent on the drug. Citalopram is shown to have more side effects, however, many patients taking this drug tolerate this drug with very little to none. If you try this drug and experience no adverse side-effects, Citalopram is definitely better, because its cheaper. If it does cause adverse side-effects, it may very well be better to switch to Escitlopram even at a higher cost. In terms of their effectiveness on depression and anxiety, there is very little difference.