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Q: What is better Samsung galaxy pro or Samsung galaxy sii?
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When can you get the Samsung Galaxy sII?

yes, you can buy the samsung galaxy SII.Anytime!!

Is the black berry bold a good phone?

samsung galaxy SII is better

What is the worlds smartest cell phone?

the samsung galaxy sII

Which has the better software iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SII?

iPhone 4S comes with Siri, so the iPhone

When did the galaxy s ii come out?

The Samsung Galaxy SII was released on September 16, 2011.

Is the iPhone better than the Samsung Galaxy SII?

Well it depends on what ur planning on using it for and how much monay ut planning on using

How do you remove a Samsung cell phone cover?

Could you give a model no.? Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S, Galaxy SII, SIII, note e.t.c. ? :)

The galaxy phone was developed by what company?

The Galaxy Phone was released by Samsung. The upgraded Galaxy SII is now available, and you can find information about it on Samsung's website at

Which Samsung mobile phone is the newest?

The Samsung Galaxy SII is the newest smartphone from Samsung. But there are other styles such as bar, slider/folder, touch screen, Qwerty, and archives.

What type of memory card do you use for a Samsung Galaxy SII?

My father uses a regular one .. Hope I helped

Can you replace touch screen display assembly for samsung google nexus s i9023 to a galaxy SII SGH T989?

Those two components are not interchangeable, not to mention that the Galaxy S2 has a much larger screen.

What deals does the website virginmobileusa offer?

Currently, T-Mobile members can switch to Virgin Mobile for $100. Also, you can get $50 off the Samsung Galaxy SII 4G. Select payLo phones are 20% off.

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