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What is better a 2001 Camaro z28 or ss both stock?

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They are basically the same car; the main difference is trim packages and maybe the shocks.

Answer OK, stock for stock, an SS and a Z28 both have the SAME LS1 engine. This means it has the SAME performance. Now it has been proven that both dyno the same numbers. The ONLY advantage is the SS which has a better flowing exhaust, which in place will ONLY give it a 2-5hp advantage over the Z28 STOCK. Now if modding is your game then its only common sense that they will both react the same to the same mods! BUT for me, I went with the SS. LOOKS is what did it for me!

Answer Okay, first of all just because it's the same engine doesn't mean the same performance. But getting back to the question, the main difference is the horsepower and a little torque since i have had both. The Stock 2001 Z has 310hp and the SS has 325 hp both were increased 5 hp in 2001. The 15 more HP in the SS is from the forced air induction package offered by SLP which was stock on SS and optional on Z28. The SS also had a ram air type cowl induction hood which was also stock but an option on the Z28. I chose to keep my SS mainly because you don't see many and Z28 just don't get the looks a good SS does. Bottom line it's personal preference but the SS is faster.

Answer An SS Camaro does not dyno more than a Z28. The only SS that will dyno more than a Z28 is the SLP special edition SS. A regular stock SS Camaro is the same hp as a Z28. Manual Transmissions will dyno a little more than the automatic's so keep that in mind. An automatic Z28 or SS will dyno between 275-290 at the rear wheels while manual transmissions will dyno between 300-315 at the rear wheels. I have dyno sheets to prove this. Of course, Chevrolet never made an Automatic SS Camaro. The ram air hood on an SS will give a slight advantage but not until you are at a high rate of speed. Basically SS Camaro = Z28 Camaro with a new hood and new spoiler in a nutshell.

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Will a 3.4 camaro beat a 3.8 camaro?

It depends on if they are both stock. a 3.4 camaro has 160 hp a 3.8 has 200 what do you think?

What is faster 1996 impala ss or 1997 Camaro?

The camero will be faster if both are stock

Which car is faster a 1984 Camaro z-28 or a 1986 Monte Carlo ss?

if both cars are stock, the camaro may have a better chance of winning, but both cars are heavy so yeah a race might work that question is imposssible to answer with the information given....may i suggest a race

Which is faster a 2000 Camaro or a 1997 Camaro RS both stock?

Well if there both completely stock then they should both have V6s in them and in that case they should be about the same, but if they've got LS1 or LT1 corvette V8s which also came stock than the 2000 model should smoke the 1997 no problem. And you really have to see what gear's they have in them though really if there not stock though but like this guy said the ls1 or the lt1 in them though.

What car is faster the Camaro or the Mustang?

Answer and the truthit depends what motor you got in it but i think the camaro is faster camaro is faster looks cooler and is the better ride. look it up -camaro vs mustang- camaro wins all most every time i had an expeierence with both the mustang and the camaro the camaro is better but you need to buy one to see. if you want to be cool get a chevy.

Weight of a 1969 Camaro? and both place 1969 camaro Z28s at 3765 lbs. The Chevy camaro weighs about one pint.

How much hp does a 2001 ws6 trans am have?

Factory says for the 5.7; 325hp at 5500rpm at the rear wheels. The base corvette v8 is rated at 430 with the base v8 camaro rated at 426 both with the 6.2L. Just from experience the numbers do not mean anything, My ws6 is 10yrs old now and they do not have anything on it, still pure stock.

Will a dashboard from a 1988 Camaro fit on a 1991 Camaro?

It should. Both years are 3rd generation so it should fit in.

Is it better to view stock reports live on the internet or on television?

Either the internet or television is a good place to view live stock reports. Both are updated frequently and should have the same values and stock prices shown.

What type of engine is in a 1986 Chevrolet Camaro z28?

The 86' Z28 comes stock with a 5.0 or 302 their both the same engine. a 1986 chevy camaro does not come with a 302 its a 305 a 302 is a ford motor not a che y motor know your facts i am a camaro fanatic i know these things about them plus i own a 1986 chevy camaro irocz z28 and its all original with the 305 4barrel carb thats how it should be btw mine has the t-tops in it

How do you remove the rear axle on 2001 Chev Camaro Z28SS?

I'd suggest attaching C4 or some other plastic explosive to both wheels and underneath the car and then blowing it off.

Is the 2010 camaro manual shift or automatic?

It is available in both.

Is there a glovebox in a Camaro?

Yes. In the current 2010-2011 Camaro, there's both a glovebox and a small storage compartment in the center console.

Where can someone get a Chevrolet Camaro SS?

You can get a Chevrolet Camaro SS on the websites Amazon and eBay. Both websites offer a great variety of products all around the world, including a Chevrolet Camaro SS.

What do the consols look like on both cars in 1981 camaro?

the same

Do the Camaro and the Corvette have the same engine?

I know the 1998 to 2002 camaro z28, ss have same ls1 engine as the corvette ls1. Only differets is horsepower. A pc program can change the horsepower to both camaro and corvette

Can I swap a 1991 camaro RS v8 305 cid transmission with a transmission from a 1992 camaro RS v6 191 cid Both are 5 speeds.?


What transmissions are compatible with a 1988 Chevy Camaro?

Both automatic and manual 5.0

Both brake lights are out on 1991 Chevy Camaro where is fuse?

in the fuse box

Is the Massachusetts colony a proprietary royal or charter?

A join-stock enterprise. (Neither both of them) :) A join-stock enterprise. (Neither both of them) :)

How many 91 Camaro convertible were made?

There were 5,329 1991 Camaro RS convertibles built and 3,203 Z28 convertibles both having 8 cylinder engines.

How do you convert kilometers to mph on a 1994 Camaro z28 speedometer?

The speedometer on the 1994 z28 Camaro has both MPH and KPH on it. The KPH are the red numbers on the inside of the scale.

What is the gas mileage difference between a 91 Camaro RS with a V6 and a 91 Camaro RS with a V8?

Around 1-3 MPG less in both city/hwy

Is a LT1 better than a 5.0?

That depends on who you ask. I a mustang fan so I go with the 5.0 also know as the 302. BASE Stock for Stock and Drivers being equal: Stangs had the edge until 1993 when the LT1 came out. Then Camaro held the title until 05 where they were pretty much equal and then Ford takes the crown from '11 onward. I myself have a '95 Camaro and never had issues with any of the Stangs up till '11. The 05-10 give me quite a challenge but remember mine is 15 yrs old. LOL On a side note Ford did create quite a mean Mustang in 03-04 with the Cobra's. They are both fantastic cars however.

What is faster a 2000mustang gt or a 1996 Camaro z28?

Me and a buddy raced my 94 camaro and his 01 mustang. we went down a straight road so no driving skills realy needed I won by 100ft or less. it was over half mile or so top at 156mph before we quit. No one needs to race nothing like that. And just for reference he had a much better start my car does not accellerate fast but it overtook the race in third gear. (both had v8 and automatice trans) To be really honest with you you must have had a really bad start you should have been a hundred feet ahead of a stock automatic mustang by the 800ft mark in the quarter mile...try that race with a 2001 mustang gt 5 spd.