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Some people prefer Dell and others prefer MacBook Pro. Here are some opinions:

  • Most certainly Macbook pro.
  • MacBook Pro is better than Dell. MacBook Pro is faster than Dell.

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The macbook pro is the best!!!!!!

MacBook Pro is the best you can get

The graphics in macbook pro is better than the macbook and also the processor is better Faster Processor

MacBook Pro has better specs than MacBook Air. This means MacBook Pro is better.

It would depend on what you are using your laptop for. MacBook - consumer market MacBook Pro - commercial/business market ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Macbook is more for those that are presenting. Pro is better for working and just using as a general computer.

Macbook... because it is fast and it has a better processor.

The macbook on lockerz is 1,000 ptz but if you want the macbook pro which I like better and it got better reviews is 1,750 ptz

Try the Dell XPS 15z, it's the same price as a Macbook, yet its specs and cosmetics are more similar to the Macbook Pro. If you're almost getting a Macbook Pro for the price of a Macbook, why not take it?

Apple Macbook Pro will give you more features and an easier to use interface.

No. She only uses a Macbook pro and before that a Toshiba

The Macbook pro is so much faster than the macbook air, it is also just an all around better laptop if you can afford it....

The Intel Core i5 offered in a new MacBook Air is more than sufficient for daily use. A MacBook Pro is better suited for heavy design or developing use.

Macbook pro is better than macbook air. Although it is heavier but it has better screen quality and the screen is made out of glass. if you are tight on money, i would suggest u to get and 11 inch macbook air, if not get a macbook pro which is $9088 (Hk dollars) Or even better ones that are listed in Alright, last thing. Macbook pro has a better battery life. It can be used up to 7-10 hours for 13-15 inch. But for 17 inch it is only 5-7 hours. Air sucks, and pro rocks! You guys should listen to me, cause once you get an air. You will regret.

"Vaio" computer.... although they have a few "issues" i would recommend a macbook or a macbook pro. for PC, definitely a hp or dell

Better, only you can know, but faster more powerful then the Air then yes.

There are several brands and types of modern computers. These computers include the Dell OptiPlex, Dell Vostro, HP Pavillion All-In-One, HP Pavillion Desktop, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air.

The newer MacBook and MacBook Pro models have some distinct differences. The MacBook is a white plastic shell with a smaller screen. All MacBook Pro models are now made of a solid, unibody enclosure. Some advantages/disadvantages: *The MacBook tends to get very hot after about an hour of use. The MacBook Pro models do not have this problem. *The MacBook Pro models have a better screen for displaying graphics, and have a higher powered graphics chip. *The MacBook Pro 13" and 15" models include a SD Card slot. The MacBook and MacBook Pro 17" models do not. *The MacBook has a removable battery. All batteries on the MacBook Pro models can not be removed. *The MacBook only comes with a 2.13GHz processor. The standard configuration of the lowest costing MacBook Pro has a 2.23GHz processor. *All MacBook Pro batteries can have a charge for up to 7 hours (excluding the MacBook Pro 17", which can have an 8 hour charge). The battery on the MacBook can have just a 5 hour charge. The MacBook Pro family has some obvious advantages. If you're looking for a lower-costing computer that can run Mac OSX, the MacBook would be your best choice. If you need something reliable that can do any task, go for it and upgrade to a MacBook Pro.

it depends, if its a gaming genre then i would prefere the macbook pro and the dell alien

simple answer - no. MacBook Pro can do so much more. yeh well Ipad is also pretty cheaper

i personaly like the mac book pro OS x any size, i like it because it is more new

The MacBook Pro is already 'out'. the successor of the Macbook Pro is the recent 2012 Macbook Pro with retina with upgraded performance and screen resoulution and display.

the macbook pro has more spaceMacbook Pro-8 terabytesMacbook-4 terabytes

macbook air, dell, gateway, asus...all really good battery life. a macbook air or macbook pro would be the best and would last longer, but its more expensive.

it depends... Pro has better things in it and is better for the pro and better for editing movies and other things like that Air turns on in like 5 seconds and o is awesome but doesn't have some important features like a CD drive. I would prefer a macbook Pro but i just have a macbook.

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