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What is better a pocket PC or a palm?

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i have a pocket PC but it really depends on what exsacly you wanna use it for and also the device palm OS has been around for a long time and has lots of programs for it but a pocket PC is pretty good as well dosent have home made software much but its pretty good and it also depends on the device if one is more powerful than the other one. hope it helps.

2011-09-13 14:56:03
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Q: What is better a pocket PC or a palm?
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What computers are very small called that can be held in the palm of our hand?

Palm-top or pocket PC

What are the top 20 handheld computers?

According to CNet, the top twenty handhelds are:Garmin iQue 3600Palm TXPalm Tungsten ENokia N800 Internet TabletPalm Tungsten E2Palm Life DriveMio DigiWalker H610HP iPaq Pocket PC rz1710Pharos Traveler GPS 525Palm Zire 21Mobile Crossing WayPoint 200Palm Z22Mio digiWalker P550Palm ZireGarmin iQue 3000Nokia 770 Internet TabletPalm Visor PrismHP iPaq Pocket PC H3635Palm m105HP iPaq Pocket PC H3630

How do the features compare on the HP Pocket PC h5555 PDA with the Toschiba Pocket PC?

Toshiba Pocket PC is slower that HP, has less memory and is generally better. On the other it is cheaper then HP, so they are about the same value.

How do you get online with pocket PC?

how to get online with pocket PC

What are the features of a Palm TX handheld PDA?

The most talked about features of the Palm TC handheld PDA is the integrated Wifi, pocket PC counterparts, and surprisingly affordable pricing of such an upgraded device.

Can you get pocket frogs for the PC?


Is windows Ce the same as pocket PC?

No. The Pocket PC OS is a custom version of Windows CE developed by Microsoft. It contains APIs and applications that are not included in Windows CE 3.0 itself. Likewise, Windows CE contains components that are not included in the Pocket PC OS.Pocket PC devices do not all use the same Pocket PC OS, either. OEMs who build these devices make custom versions of the Pocket PC OS to add features specific to their devices. Thus, a Pocket PC device from one OEM might include different applications or device drivers than a Pocket PC from another OEM.

Where does one find more information about the Dell pocket PC?

One can find information about the Dell pocket PC online at the Dell website, or, even better, at the Dell store (or another electronics shop) where one can speak to an expert on the item.

What kind of computer is a palmtop computer?

to my knowledge a palm PC is a mini PC that fits in your palm like a i phone that's all

Does the Toshiba Pocket PC E400 have Microsoft Office?

The Toshiba Pocket PC E400 has the Office CE, which is a smaller version of Office.

How do you change pocket PC language?

You can update the ROM in your pocket PC to change its language, generally roms can be downloaded in your mobile's official website.

Is it possible to load DVD software directly to a pocket PC?

I think you should use the third party software to load DVD to pocket PC

How do you connect to wlan use proxy pocket PC is hp ipaq rx4240?

How do you connect to WLANuse proxy pocket PC is hp iPAQ rx4240?

Does the Creative Labs Vado Pocket Video Cam work with any PC?

The Creative Vado pocket camera will work with any PC or Macintosh.

Is an electric pocket rocket better than a gas pocket rocket?

I think a electric pocket rocket is better

What is a Pocket PC devices?

A Pocket PC is a small hand held computer device that runs Windows CE or Windows Mobile. These devices can be stand alone but many cell phones come with the Pocket PC built into the phone. These phones are called smart phones.

Can you play Minecraft Pocket Edition on a PC?

When would Minecraft Pocket Edition 12.1 going to be out

Is a palm pilot a type of tablet PC?


Are there any PC Games similar to pocket tanks?


How do you convert a .sis file originally for Symbian OS to run on a Pocket PC?

It is not possible. I don't know which version of Symbian you mean, but Pocket PC is running some old version of Windows, Windows CE I guess but is is not possible to run Symbian apps on Pocket PC.

What is the difference between a Palm Pilot and a Blackberry?

A Blackberry is a phone and a Palm Pilot is a pocket organizer. The primary function of the Blackberry is communication and the primary function of a Palm Pilot is organization.

Is the Sharp Multi-Lingual Pocket PC a real PDA or just a translator?

The Sharp multi-lingual pocket PC is a real PDA, but it does indeed shine as a translator.

Is cod better on PC or on PS3?

it's better on PC

What is better a pocket quad or moped?

a pocket quad for sure

What companies sell pocket computers?

Compaq iPAQ - H3850 Pocket PC 64MB Colour With SD Slot