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It is a tractor because you can do anything with a tractor but you cant with a race car.


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A race car was invented by rich engineers with nothing better to do with their time.

One can purchase a Ford Tractor from Ford car dealership. Always check your local Ford car dealer for better choice and model, even discounts on car loans.

Lighter. It accelerates better, and less sprung weight.

Because when you get better, you need a better mouthpiece. Think of it like how high quality a race car is compared to yours. Sure, your car can get the job done and it can be driven by almost anyone, but a race car takes a better driver and it can do more.

The first car race was in 1894, between Paris and rouen in France. 13 Cars took part. The fastest was a huge de Dion steam tractor, which traveled at less than 12 MPH.

Yes, it is indeed spelled race car.

Yes, a lawn tractor can be jump started with a car battery, in the same manner as another car can be jump started.

They plowed the field with the tractor. Even with the tractor they were almost unable to pull the car out of the ditch.

Race car spelled backwards is the same thing: race car.

He completely revolutionized the car world and start a great race of car manufacturers to a better car the Karl Benz did.

Not at all, even if the vehicle was once used for any type of profesional racing does not make it a race car. Just because a car is fast does not make it a race car either. Even if the car is currently used for street racing, it is not legally a race car. Everybody wants to call their car a race car, but if you don't professionally race it then don't bother saying that it is a race car.

Yes, "race car" is a palindrome.

Depends on how well they do. The better the finish the more $.

Yes. If you look at the word and take the space out, it spells race car.

They ate completely different. That's like asking if a SUV or a race car is better.

to race, you have to be cool before your fast, then you have to get a car.

Tractor Tom - 2003 The Great Sheep Race 2-14 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

A tractor will plow, the harvester will...harvest. They both have different functions.

You could race your own car if you were rich enough.

A race car moves significantly faster than a city car.

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