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a baby beared dragon is better because it will be nicer and will get to know you

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Q: What is better for a kid a baby beared dragon or older beared dragon?
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Is it safe to put a baby bearded dragon with an older one?


Why do bearded dragon go into paralysis?

I have done research on this and found that the baby beared dragons eat crickets that are too big which leads to paralysis. now I have the question of "will he regain movement in his hind legs?"

What is a baby dragon?

a baby dragon

How old is Spike from My Little Pony?

Spike is not given an age. All that's known is he's a baby dragon, although he sounds a lot older than a baby.

Where do you get a dragon on Dragon Fable?

you can get a baby dragon after finishing the quest chain of a baby dragon if you want a titan dragon you need a dragon amulet to grow it up

Is it better to hand feed a baby bearded dragon or let it eat on its own?

On it's own.

Can you grow your baby dragon really big in Dragon Fable?

You can only grow your baby dragon once.

What do you call a baby dragon?

A baby Dragon is called a Dragonling, a hatchling, or a chick.

Can you buy a baby dragon?

Dragons are not real. Therefore you can not buy a baby dragon.

Where are the dragon eggs in binweevils?

it is a baby dragon

What happens when the baby dragon hatches in the smallest dragon boy?

when the baby dragon hatched , all the dragons chose their companion

How do you train a pet dragon in Dragon Fable?

You go to the pet dragon menu and then you buy dragon chow and go back to the baby dragon menu and then feed it its like when you do a stat trainer but for your baby dragon!!!!!!!

How long does it take for your baby dragon to fully grow in Dragon Fable without a dragon amulet?

You need to have an amulet for a baby dragon to fully grow sorry.

Can you buy a dragon in Dragon Fable?

No you can't buy a dragon,You do dragon missions to hatch your baby dragon.

How do you say baby dragon in Latin?

You say Baby Dragon in Latin like this: Infans Draco.

How do you get a baby dragon?

You complete the dragon egg saga

What does a baby dragon look like?

Depends on the dragon

Why is your baby bearded dragon snapping at you?

The babies can be defencive. If you incubate them at a lower temp, (75 or something close), they are more docile when they grow up. Don't worry, your baby beardie will get calmer as he gets older.

How do you get baby void dragon pet?

you have to talk to that little red thing in FalconReach named Twilly and complete the Dragon Egg Saga. at the end of it, you will have a dragon egg and it will hatch into a baby dragon. you have to have a dragon amulet to grow it into an adult dragon

How do you get a baby dragon on dragonfable?

You complete the dragon egg saga...

Hot to get a baby dragon on Dragon Fable?

First you go to twilly in Falconreach follow the steps by steps if you do all steps twilly you will be got a baby dragon...

Is the dragon amulet the only way you can a dragon?

You can get a baby dragon without the amulet but you can't grow it.

A red dragon is with a white dragon they have a baby and its a pink dragon What is thins an emxample of?

:) codominant alleles

What does the dragon egg do?

Do Twilly's quests to hatch the egg to a baby dragon.

On HorseIsle how much is a baby dragon?

On horse isle a baby dragon cost 50 million PrancingPegasus chesnut server