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What is bhakti movement?

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bhakti movement is a Hindu religious movement in which loving devotion to God, such as Shiva, Vishnu is the main spritual practice.

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Who was the founder of Bhakti movement?

The correct answer is: Baghat Kabeer

Why were women bhakti poets attracted to the bhakti movement?

the bhakti women were dumb

Impact of bhakti movement on Indian society?

The impact of Bhakti movement on the Indian Society is that it created a revolution in the society.

What is the impact of the bhakti movement?

the Bhakti saints preached in the language of comman man

What were the effects of the Bhakti Movement?

The Bhakti movement occurred in Medieval India. The effects of the movement are the establishment of rituals and rites used by the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs.

What is bhakti cult?

The bhakti cult or movement was a Hindu religious movement that promoted the belief that salvation was attainable to everyone. It occurred in the medieval period.

Why the bhakti movement attracted women?

by yoga

What are the main features of bhakti movement?


What is an example of reform movement?

Bhakti movement and Arya Samaj movement are examples from India.

Why bhakti movement attracted women?

bc. of its yoga

What are some example of reform movements?

Bhakti movement,Auyra Sumaj movement,womensuffrage movement,and progressive movement

Who are the people involved in the Bhakti movement?

there are a number of bhakti reformers who spread bhakti movement around the world. these are- 1. ramanuja 2. ramananda 3. kabir 4. vallabhacharya 5. mira bai 6. surdas 7. tulsidas 8. shankaracharya

What are the differences between bhakti and sufi movement?

The Bhakti movement was embraced by the masses while the Sufi movement was mostly followed by Muslims. Both movements helped to achieve harmony between Hindu people and Muslim people.

What impact did the bhakti movement have on Indian society?

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Why were the people attreacted by bhakti movement?

it was an easier path to seek salvation

Teachings of bhakti movement?

the followers of bhakti movement didn't believe in useless rights and customs and opposed cast inequalities and cast hatred. the taught that anyone can attain salvation by the true worship of Vishnu

Why did bhakti movement attracted women?

i hope its coz of yoga...:( noo its wrong..

What are some differences between bhakti and sufi movements?

Shankaracharya and Ramanuja spread the message of bhakti in south India. The Sufi movement originated in West Asia.

What has the author Susmita Pande written?

Susmita Pande has written: 'Medieval bhakti movement, its history and philosophy' -- subject(s): Bhakti, History, Medieval Philosophy

What are the impacts of bhakti movement?

the biggest impact ofbhakti movement was that the Hindu and the Muslim communities started understanding each other

What impact did the bhakti movement have on the social and economic lives of the people in India?

Do the harlem shake.

Impact of bhakti movement?

Bhakti movement helped in decreasing the bitterness among the muslims and hindus.It helped in the rise of vernacular literature.For example Punjabi in the north and Bengali in the south.It helped the common men to fight against the rigidity of the caste system.The

Which classical dance of India was the result of sixth century Bhakti movement?

Kuchipudi Dance of Andhrapradesh

What were the teachings of Bhakti Saints?

i actually wanted the to it myseself but i can tell sme points_ 1. there was full devotion to god with the rise of bhakti and sufi movement 2.god is one and its followers were very strict

Who was kabirdas?

Kabir Das was a poet and saint in India. He lived in the 15th century and his writing influenced the Bhakti movement.