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Convert all values to grams. 2000 cg x 1 g/100 cg = 20 g; 25300 mg x 1 g/1000 mg =25.3 g; 2.5 kg x 1000 g/1 kg =2500 g; 2.5 kg are the largest value.

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Q: What is bigger 2000 cg or 25300 mg or 2.5 kg?
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Which is bigger 2000 cg or 25300 mg?

25300mg is bigger; 2000cg equals 20000mg

Which is greater 2000 cg 25300 mg or 2.5 Kg?

2.5 kg

Is g bigger or cg?

I think that cg is bigger than g

What is bigger a mg or cg?

A centigram (cg) is 10 times bigger than a milligram (mg).

What is 0.25 g in cg?

25 cg.

Is 100000 cg bigger than 1 kg?

No, 100,000 cg = 1 kg

Is a kilogram bigger than a cg?


How many cg equals 250mg?

10 mg = 1 cg -> 1 mg = 1/10 cg -> 250 mg = 25 cg

Is grams bigger than centigram?

The conversion between g and cg are given .On finding the relation we get as follows . 1 g =100 cg. That means g is bigger than cg.

How many g are in 25 cg?


Which is bigger 3000 mg 250 cg or 3 kg?


25 cg equals how many g?


How many grams in 25 centigrams?

25 cg = 1500 ghope i helped

25cg equals how many g?

1 cg = 0.01 g, so 25 cg = 0.25 g

Which is bigger 5 g or 49 cg?


What is 25 cg in g?

if you use the butterfly method. it gives you 4

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Which is smaller cg or kg?

Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).Centigram (cg).

What is bigger 3000 mg 250 cg 3 kg?

3000 mg or 3 kg.

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Is 31000 mg bigger then 7500 cg?

No, because 7500cg equals 75000mg (There are 10 milligrams per centigram).

Which is greater mg or cg?


What is .003g in cg?

0.3 cg

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