What is biggest sport in the world?


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It is probably soccer. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world I think because they have leagues all over the world other than like basketball or football. In football they have lots of leagues but different rules, but soccer is worldwide and has the same rules wherever you play it.


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What is the biggest participant sport in the world?

It is the third biggest extreme sport in the world.

The biggest participant sport in the world is soccer

Soccer or as some call it Football is the biggest sport in the world!

football. Football is the largest sport! The second largest sport is Field Hockey

It is targetted at everyone. It is the biggest sport in the world. Anyone can play or watch it. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest world championship of any individual sport and attracts a worldwide audience.

Abner Doubleday. He invented baseball.

Yes soccer is the biggest sport in Italy.

soccer is by far the most watched sport of the three world wide.

Fishing (angling) is the biggest participative sport in England with over 4 million in the UK. Football is the biggest spectator sport.

"olympic games" is the world's largest sports festival.

Soccer. The worlds biggest sport officially. The world plays soccer.

Basketball has a bigger audience than volleyball.

Yes, soccer is a national sport. In fact, it is the most widely popular sport in the world, and almost every country has a league of some sort and participates in the World Cup, the biggest sporting event in the world (The Olympics may be too).

college football is the biggest sport here

Japan's biggest sport would have to be baseball. I don't know why, don't ask. That is what i am searching for.

Apparently, the biggest sport in the United Kingdom is Football. However, it is not the same in all countries.

bowling if you go to this sport its all over

because there are th most teams competing to get to that stage and soccer is the most popular sport in the world

It depends what sport you are talking about. For basketball it is Adidas or Jordan for football it is probably Reebok.

Football (Soccer) is the most popular sport in Germany.

A field for the horse sport called polo.

Cricket is the biggest sporting code in India, about 1billion people in India live and breath cricket. It is the biggest cricket following country in the world

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