What is biomass?

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Biomass is a biological material produced from living or recently living organisms. Like trees, animals, and garbage:

  1. The total mass of living matter within a given unit of environmental area.
  2. Plant material, vegetation, or agricultural waste used as a fuel or energy source.

Biomass is typically used as a renewable energy source. They do this through burning it or turning it into fuel. It still is damaging to the atmosphere though and to the grounds of where the plant material was collected.

The mass of everything thing that is alive.

Biomass is plant material, manure, or any other organic material that is used as an energy source.


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What is a negative for biomass?

there is not a thing negtive about biomass we need to save biomass it!

Is biomass easy to get?

its pretty much everywhere. anything containing carbon is biomass. dirt is biomass. poop is biomass. a tree is biomass. you are biomass. so is your dog.. so, yeah; its pretty easy to get your hands on.

What is biomass energy?

the energy derived from stored energy in biomass is called biomass energy. (biomass is the bodies of living things)

Where is biomass used?

biomass is used

What is the antonym for biomass?

what are antonyms for biomass

Does biomass pollute?

Yes. Pollution comes from biomass. It is also cleaned in part by biomass

Is biomass organic?

Biomass is the 'weight' of biological matter. often measured in a biomass pyramid.

What has the author Thomas A Milne written?

Thomas A. Milne has written: 'Sourcebook of methods of analysis for biomass and biomass conversion processes' -- subject(s): Biomass chemicals, Biomass conversion, Biomass energy

Is biomass nonrenewable?

Biomass is a renewable resource.

Does poop make biomass?

no, it is biomass and biowaste

How is biomass effected in deforestation?

Biomass decreases

Is kerogen a fossil or biomass fuel?


How is biomass used today?

biomass Biomass is being used by wood fire and many other things.

What can someone do to use more biomass?

Beacuse biomass is harder to find and coal burnes faster then Biomass.

What is a sustainable supply of biomass?

It can considered biomass from commercial forest or agricultural waste a sustainable supply of biomass.

A sentence for biomass?

Nowadays biomass is being reused to form fuel. This is an example using the word biomass.

How biomass is produced?

biomass is produced in different ways

Is biomass expensive?

Biomass is not expensive but the process of which it is made is

How does the biomass of the autotrophs compare with the biomass of the herbivores?


Can biomass affect the earth?

biomass can affect the earth

Is coal biomass?

It is a biomass becauseit is burned for energy.

Is biomass pollution?

Polution or Pollution? No, biomass is not pollution.

What are examples of biomass - trees grass coal or water?

Trees could be biomass if they are sustainably grown. Old growth forests are not biomass.Grass could be biomass.

Is CHARCOAL biomass fuel or fossil fuel?

Charcoal is created from biomass by a flash fire at an elevated pressure in biomass. the fire spreads through the biomass, turning it into charcoal.

Is charcoal a fossil fuel?

No, it is a biomass. Therefore charcoal is created from biomass by a flash fire at an elevated pressure in biomass. the fire spreads through the biomass, turning it into charcoal.

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