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Bipolar depression is a mental disorder in which, there are two episodes. There is a high episode with a lot of energy. The second episode is when the person is depressed and maybe even suicidal.

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Q: What is bipolar depression?
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Is bipolar disorder worse than depression?

Depression is a symptom of bipolar disorder. Bipolar is an alternating state between depression and mania. You get both.

What is opposite of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar depression is called bipolar to distinguish from unipolar, also simply called as 'Depressive Disorder'. In bipolar disorder the person has depression and also has had hypomania or mania in which symptoms are opposite that of depression.

When was Bipolar - A Narration of Manic Depression created?

Bipolar - A Narration of Manic Depression was created in 2011.

What kind of depression is more incapacitating?

Bipolar Depression

How do you use 'bipolar' in a sentence?

We need the depression prone bipolarcreative genius.

Are manic depression and bipolar depression the same?

Manic Depression and Bipolar disorder are the same thing. Princeton's worldweb defines both as a disorder in which episode of mania and depression alternate.

What is bi polar depression?

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder in which the sufferer suffers cycles of highs (mania/hypomania) and lows (depression). There are three main types; bipolar I (depression, full-blown mania), bipolar II (depression, hypomania) and cyclothymia (mild depression, hypomania).

Did Kurt Cobain suffer from bipolar or depression?

Kurt had bipolar disorder

What natural herbs help with bipolar depression?

No herbal treatments are known to improve bipolar depression specifically. It is especially important to note that St. John's Wort, which has some effectiveness for Unipolar Depression, should not be given for Bipolar Depression as it can cause mania.

What is Seroquel prescribed for?

Used in the management of schizophrenia, bipolar I mania, bipolar II depression, bipolar I depression, and for a variety of other purposes, including insomnia and anxiety disorders.

What is the difference between depression and bipolar?

Bipolar is a type of depression. People who suffer from bipolar experience a manic phase and a depression phase.Answer :Also, depression is just when you feel depressed and bipolar (meaning, two polars) mean that you experience lots of mood swings and have a high and a low. Also there are different phases of Biploar and Depression too, depending on your symptoms and how you act.

What is the difference is depression and bi polar?

The difference between depression and bipolar disorder is that when dealing with depression you do not have manic periods. When dealing with bipolar disorder your mood alternates between depression and mania.

Is postpartum depression a sign of bipolar?


Is bipolar and depression disorder curable?


Is it possible to have ADHD bipolar disorder depression and anxiety?

Someone with bipolar disorder already has periods of depression, and a symptom of depression can include anxiety. The increased energy levels associated with the manic episodes of bipolar disorder may look like ADHD. An individual with bipolar disorder is not likely to be diagnosed separately for depression, ADHD, or anxiety.

How does bipolar disorder differ from major depression?

bipolar has euphoric highs as well as depressed lowsmajor depression has only depressed lows

Is Lady Gaga bipolar?

"lady gaga is not bipolar she is in fact a born bisexual" The quote made is irrelevant to the Question: Is Lady Ga Ga Bipolar. You can be Bipolar or Not Bipolar and be straight or homosexual. As to whether she is Bipolar. She has one indication: She is a Genius. which is a characteristic of many Bipolar. The super-creativity comes from the brain storm of activity caused by the Bipolar "Gift". The downside of being Bipolar is depression. However there are those that are Unipolar that are either super "up" without depression and those who have depression without manic episodes.

What are the key differences a psychiatrist tests for to separate bipolar depression from general depression?

One of the key differences in testing for bipolar depression as opposed to general depression are, the questions that are asked differ from the questions asked for general depression. Generally bipolar disorder suffers go through major highs and lows. Being asked to keep a log/journal of the mood swings is another way testing between bipolar depression from general depression differs. Blood tests can also be helpful in determining which depression one is suffering from.

Is there another term for bipolar?

If you are referring to bipolar disorder, it used to be called manic-depression.

Are there any good bipolar support groups?

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance is a very good bipolar support groups

What do the mood disorders Depression and Bipolar Disorder have in common?

Depression is one of the symptoms of bipolar. Also known as manic-depressive, the individual alternates between states of manic activity and depression.

What is the difference between manic depression and bipolar disorder?

Manic Depression Bi-PolarThere is no difference between bipolar disorder and manic depression. Bipolar is the modern term for manic depression. The term "manic depression" is much misunderstood. Some people think "manic" means "really depressed." Mania is the 'opposite' of depression. A manic depressive is someone who cycles between being manic and depressed. The term "bipolar" supposedly makes this more clear.

Is manic depression or bipolar hereditary?


What are signs of clinical depression?

helth depression and bipolar disorder genetic engineering

Can depression be misdiagnosed as bipolar?

Yes, check out my blog at In it, I talk about my misdiagnosis of bipolar when I should have gotten at least a major depression diagnosis.