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What is birdmans birthday?

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birdmans birthday i think is on the 8/28/1982 and i think he is a awesome player i like his wings tattoed to his arms and his hair and this is the player on the nuggetsbirdman was born in 1996 and who ever wrote the first one isn't that smart because they spelled tattoo wrong lol
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When is the day of the rapper birdman's birthday?

what is birdmans birthday what is birdmans birthday ....It is today 2/15.

Is lil chuckee birdmans son?


What is the coolest house?

birdmans house

What is the birdmans name at Alcatraz?

Robert Stroud

Who is birdmans real son?

Bryan Williams jr

What are birdmans kids names?

His daughters name is Bria Williams .

What is the name of the car on birdmans album cover?

bugatti veyron

What is the rap song about adoption?

Birdmans 'i adopted lil wayne'

Birdmans net worth?

Birdmans net worth as of 2010 is $483 Millioni got this answer from www.hollyworth.comthis website tells about celebrities net worth, how much they make and how much movies cost

Is Lil Wayne birdmans son?

no he just treats him like his son

Does lilwayne have a sister?

Yes he does her name is Bria Williams its birdmans daughter...

Whats birdmans real name?

Dwayne Michael Carter *****es

What is birdmans cell phone number?

Not sure, why don't you try twitter?

What is the birdmans worth?

100 million dollars which makes him the fourth richest rapper.

What is birdmans real name?

Currently his name is William; i don't know his last name.

Who is birdmans son?

lil Wayne but not biologicly birdman just treats him like a son!!

Who is birdmans girlfriend?

Rapper and performer Birdman is rumored to have a girlfriend as of May 2014. He is reportedly dating Tina Wiseman.

What is birdmans phone number?

Birdman, the rapper, has an unpublished phone number, however, he is active on social media platforms. He was born Bryan Williams.

Are Lil Wayne's teeth real?

No not at all he fot a gril or something like that its like birdmans teeth too but they are fake he had to get them done to get them like that

Where does birdman live?

where does birdman live?? Birdman lives i don't know where but i will find ut i always wanted to go to birdmans house or lil waynes (:

Are Birmans friendly with other animals?

Being poor people, birdmans usually make most of their frendships and, there again, usually are friends with all who want to be their friends.

What rapper has most expensive jewelry 2011?

Birdman's watches. It costs over 1 million out of his pocket. There are only 2 watches in the world. Elton Johns and Birdmans.

What is a quarter birthday?

A quarter birthday is half a half birthday.A half birthday is in between your birthday and birthday...

How do you say happy birthday in sicilian?

happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you

How do you write birthday?

birthday birthday

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