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What is black metal?

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Black metal is a very extreme subgenre of heavy metal, originating in the late 80's in several countries (venom England, bathory, Sweden, and Celtic frost , u.s.a) Black metal got its name from the song "Black Metal" by Venom off the album of the same name. Early Black metal took its look from Celtic Frost, Sound from Venom and harshness from Bathory.

The second wave of Black Metal started in Norway with the band Myhem. The modern

Black metal sound was created by the bands Mayhem and Burzum. They made their music as a more extreme pursuance of metal and as a direct affront to Christianity, specifically Catholicism.

Most musicians in black metal are Satanists, although there have been several musicians in black metal who were druids, Atheists, Agnostics, heathens, Stoics, etc.

In black metal the ideology behind the music is very important. The black metal band gorgoroth refuses to release their lyrics to the public lest they affect someone's interpretation of the music.

Black metal is characterized by fast strumming of all six strings on an Electric Guitar, highpitched screaming vocals, lyrical content encompassing, Satan, Satanic Rites, Satanism, hate for Christianity, hate for Christians, killing Christians, ancient rites of killing Christians, suicide, S&M fetish, burning Churches, black metal, hell, depression, and other such cheery subject matter.

Quite possibly the greatest examples of black metal are

De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem (Translation from the Latin; The Mysterious Rites of Lord Satan)

Carving a Giant by Gorgoroth

The First Cut is the Deepest by Carpathian Forest

A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh by Celtic Frost

Spell of Destruction by Burzum

inno a Santana by Emperor

Current bands that are lumped into the Black metal sound are not true Black Metal in the very sense that they are more orchestrated and keyboard driven, These "Symphonic Black Metal Bands" are true to the satanic ideology, but not the raw, grim sounds of second and first wave Black Metal

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How did black metal get its name?

From Venom's album "Black Metal".

What country did Black Metal originate from?

Really the first black metal band was Venom, from England. But the country most known for black metal is Norway. The black metal bands there defined the genre.

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Where the Black metal occur?

Most Black metal started in Norway in the early 1990s.

Why do black metal people face plant?

It is part of the culture and tradition in the Black Metal.

Is black metal satanist?

The main idea of black metal is their blasphemous or sacreligious lyrics.

Which is more popular Death Metal or Black metal?

It's hard to say because Death Metal is more popular in the main metal community. But Black Metal has a huge following in underground metal.

Is there any Christian black metal?

Christian Black metal is Impossible People who create black metal music are in effect Satan worshipers or in other words no where near christian customs thus it's inpossible to create Christian black metal

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A black metaller is a person who is a fan of black metal music.

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