What is block printing?

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== == "Block Printing" or "Woodblock Printing" is a method used to print text, images or patterns on textiles and later paper. This method was widely used throughout East Asia and originating in China in antiquity. How it worked: Patterns and letters were carved into wooden blocks, so that the letter or pattern is chiseled and protrudes so to speak from the wooden block.

These blocks are then coated with Ink, and brought pressed firmly and evenly onto the paper or cloth. The content would print backwards (mirror-image).

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Q: What is block printing?
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What are the advantages of block printing?

block printing budda

What is block foil printing?

Block foil printing is producing gold (silver) foil printing on a piece of wood.

When was the printing block invented?

The first printing block was invented in the Labrang Monestery in China.

How is block printing used today?

Printing images

Where did printing start?

it starts on the t'ang dynasty in china...this printing is called as "block printing".

What kind kind of printing was invented by the tang Chinese?

Block printing.

Why was wood-block printing important?

Wood block printing was used so multiple copies of something could be made.

When would you use block printing?

You would normally use block-printing whe you want to do the same repeated pattern!

Who invanted block printing?

The Chinese invented block printing. However, some say that the Koreans invented it, and the Chinese just improved it.

What is block printing what is origin and growth?

== == Block printing is the art of printing with a plate made by carving an image into a block of...well, something. You can use a potato, a block of wood, a sheet of linoleum...the possibilities are endless. They've found examples of block print from Mesopotamia that date to 3000 BC. One very important advantage of block printing is that it can be done without a press. As far as growth...the scrapbooking movement made this process really take off over the last few years. Scrapbookers LOVE rubber stamps, which are a form of block printing. I also consider flexography to be a form of block printing--its plates have raised, reversed images just like a printing woodblock does--and flexo is going great guns. And people still carve printing blocks as a form of artistic block is safe as a printing process.

How was block printing used in the middle ages?

Block printing was done by using individual letter 'stamps' to create pages of writing without any need for handwriting. Block printing is the direct predecessor to the pruinting press, which used printing blocks arranged and then (using a wine press) printing pages at a time. The printing press is the predecessor of modern day printers.

Where did block printing originate?

It originated in China.

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