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Okay the blood goes through the kidneys were they filter the waste out of the blood to produce urine

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How long does it take all the body's blood to go through the kidney?

At any given time, about 1/4 of the body's blood is in the kidneys being cleansed. All of the blood in the body is cleansed by the kidneys approximately every 50 minutes.

What is the blood atonement?

The Blood Atonement is where Jesus Christ shed his blood so that we could be cleansed of our sins. This allows us to get into heaven.

What is The lymph is cleansed by?

Lymph is filtered and cleansed by the lymph nodes.

What is meaning of cleansed in Telugu?

cleansed means cleaning with soft material

Where does the cleansed blood go in the excretory system?

It goes back through the veins to the heart, then off around the body again.

How does the sacrament of reconciliation make you a better person?

You are receiving the body and the blood of Christ and by receiving Christ you are having your soul cleansed

What do doctors mean by old blood in the wound?

It means the there was bleeding in the wound and is now 'old.' The blood collected in the wound without bleeding out. It needs to be cleansed because it can breed bacteria.

Do vampiers use the bathroom?

No. They just imagine their bowels cleansed, and they are. No. They just imagine their bowels cleansed, and they are.

Which church is of god?

God's church is the Universal Church. That means all who are true followers of Jesus Christ, cleansed by His blood; regardless their color, nationality or denomination.

Which gas does blood give to the lungs?

After blood passes through the body, giving oxygen to where it's needed, it returns to the heart. In the heart, the blood is cleansed thoroughly. CO2 is removed and oxygen is put into the blood, oxygen coming from your windpipe when you breathe.So to simply answer your question: CO2I disagree. I think that the blood goes through the aorta.

What does exfoliated mean?

deeply cleansed.

What is the antonym of infection?

cleansed or healthy

What are the release dates for Cleansed - 2008?

Cleansed - 2008 was released on: USA: 6 December 2008 (Sacramento Horror Film Festival)

Did Hitler kill Germans that were disabled?

Yes. They were considered "lesser", and needed to be "cleansed" to make pure Aryan blood. They were in the same class as homosexuals, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.

What is another word for cleansed?

washed, purified

What is juderein?

Free of Jews, Cleansed of Jews

What does cleansed face mean?

a clean face

What is the noun form of the word cleaned?


How did everyone be cleansed in the secret annex?

Anne frank and her family cleansed in bath tubs the secret annex was just like a house with 2 floors

How long does the nicotine from cigarettes stay in your system?

It takes a couple of days for nicotine to get out of your system. However, it could take up to a month for nicotine by-products to be cleansed from your blood. This only makes a difference if you are going to have a blood test for life insurance, or the like.

What is Liver Shunt disease for dogs?

My miniature schnauzer suffered from a liver shunt, which is a blood vessel on that outside of the liver that causes the blood to be routed around, instead of through the liver. This prevents the blood from being cleansed, and proteins from being broken down. To read about Leeland's story come here:

What happens to a substance when it is distilled?

The substance is purified/cleansed or refined.

What is a special database of cleansed data called?

data warehouse

What is the definition of detox?

To be cleansed of something, usually drugs or alcohol.

What type of machine is used to help people with kidney malfunctions?

The dialysis machine is the machine that performs dialysis of the blood. Dialysis removes the waste product from the blood by drawing it through a vein in the forearm called the arterio-venous fistula. The blood is pumped into the machine through plastic tubes and then goes through a series of events that cleanses the blood with a saline solution called dialysate. Once the blood has been cleansed, it is returned to the body.

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