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- Plain cooked white rice can be called "boiled rice".

- Also, boiled rice is a special kind of rice which is famous in south India. It's a bit reddish brown in color.

It's called Boiled rice because it takes a little more time to cook than normal rice. It's rich in starch and keeps your body cool.

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Q: What is boiled rice?
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Why do the Japanese eat boiled rice a lot?

Reasons for prefering boiled rice 1. Boiled rice can be stored for longer duration compared to normal rice. keeping insects at bay. 2. Eating boiled rice keeps obeisty under control. 3. Its been observed that places where rice is less grown people switch to Boiled rice for exapmle: Kerala india. 4. Boiled rice tastes less but is good for health.

State the difference between boiled braised and fried rice?

The difference between boiled rice and the other two is that it is boiled in water until cooked. Fried rice is refried in a pan after it has already been boiled. Braised rice and fried rice are the same thing.

What is boiled rice in Hindi?

Boiled in Hindi means 'ubla hua', Rice in Hindi means "chawal". so Boiled rice means "Uble hue chawal".

Is brown rice and boiled rice r same?

Brown rice is rice that has not been enriched; it's the whole wheat of the rice world. Boiled rice is just any sort of rice, white or brown, that has been cooked in water.

Difference between unpolished rice and boiled rice?

Unpolished rice may be cooked or raw, but it hasn't been polished. Boiled rice may be polished or unpolished, but it isn't raw.

How many calories are there in 1 cup of boiled white rice?

Calories - 242 Calories from fat - 4

How many calories the rice flakes and puffed rice have?

There are 56 calories in 1 cup of Puffed Rice Cereal and but 1 cup of boiled rice 200 calories. It is just 1/4 of boiled rice :)

How healthy is boiled rice?

Boiled rice has some healthy benefits. It contains vitamins and minerals, and does give you some energy. If you use brown rice it also has fiber.

Is boiled rice fat free?


Can you freeze boiled rice?


How many calories are there in a half cup of boiled rice?

There are approximately 120-140 calories in 1/2 cup of boiled rice.

What is the difference between boiled rice and steamed rice?

Boiled rice is cooked in a vessel of boiling water & rice in it. Once cooked the water is rinsed out of the vessel. This process removes all the starch present in the rice. steamed rice is the one cooked in the pressure cooker.

Can koi carp eat boiled rice?

Carp can eat SOME boiled rice but it would not be a suitable food to be used as basic/main sustenance.

What do you serve with boiled shrimp?

Rice is often an accompaniment to boiled shrimp. A good Cajun dirty rice is great. Beach dinners are often shellfish,corn and boiled new potatoes and a variation on that would be shrimp with boiled new potatoes,butter and parsley.

How much uncooked rice is 1 cup of boiled rice?

1/2 cup

Can chickens eat boiled rice?

depends on if they like it or not.

Is a boiled potato a good substitute for rice?


Can a diabetic patient eat boiled rice?


How much calories in boiled samak rice?


How many calories in one cup of boiled long grain white rice?

In boiled long-grain white rice there are approx 205 calories in 1 cup.

Why is boiled rice rich in carbohydrates s and not boiled Noodles?

There's plenty of carbs in noodles too.

Who have more energy small energy or moderate energy a rice fried rice boiled rice or a porridge?

porridge give us high energy rice give us very small energy and boiled rice and fried rice give us moderate energy

Is boiled rice better than raw rice?

Yes. Your body can't digest raw rice, so nutritional value is not given for cooked rice.

How many calories in a plate of boiled rice?

One cup of white rice has approximately 200 calories

What are some homemade meals to feed a Chihuahua?

Boiled chicken with rice is easy to do...mine loves the rice.