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What is border Nexus?

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NEXUS cards are WHTI-compliant documents for land and sea travel, as well as air travel when traveling to and from airports using the NEXUS program, and provide expedited travel via land, air or sea to approved members between the U.S. and Canada border.

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If you have a nexus card do you have to show your passport to cross the Canadian and US border?

Just the Nexus card suffices, but it's wise to have your passport when crossing the border, anyway.

Does having a KTN make it easier to go across the Canadian border?

There are 4 different programs that get a Known Traveler Number (KTN) One of those programs is NEXUS, jointly operated by the US and Canada. Being enrolled in NEXUS can make border crossings (US/ Canada) easier. Here is a link to the NEXUS program:

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How does NEXUS make traveling between the US and Canada easier?

NEXUS expedites the border clearance process for low-risk, pre-approved travelers into Canada and the United States. If you apply and are approved this will save you many hours in customs.

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