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What is brome grass hay?

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Hay that is comprised of brome grass. Seriously, brome is a type of perennial cool-season grass that is used for hay and pasture. Species of brome include Smooth Brome and Meadow Brome, among many other species and cultivars.

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What are the pros and cons of farming brome hay?

Pros of farming Brome hay include it being good for a horse's diet, and it helps the soil by helping to prevent erosion. Cons of farming Brome hay include the need to harvest at the right time. The hay loses nutrients if it is not harvested before it has fully bloomed.

What is a cheap grass seed for hay?

The cheapest grass seed for hay is usually the species of grass that grows most commonly in your area. Naturally, this varies according to where you live. For example, Bermuda grass (though usually seeded by sprigging) may be less expensive to obtain for hay in the northern area of Florida than Smooth Brome grass seed. However, in the central areas of Alberta, Canada, buying Smooth Brome grass seed or Kentucky Bluegrass-mix seed may be cheaper than getting grass seed for something like Big Blue Stem. You will, however, have to check with your local seed supplier for more accurate prices for grass seed for hay.

What do gypsy horses mainly eat?

brome hay alfalfa

Can a dwarf lop rabbit to eat hay?

Yes, any kind of pet rabbit can eat hay. Hay is the most important part of a pet rabbit's diet! See the related question below for more info about a healthy rabbit diet. Timothy hay (a kind of grass hay) is best as a staple for adults, whereas alfalfa hay is good for young and pregnant rabbits. Adult rabbits can eat other varieties of grass hay, too (like brome, orchard grass, meadow grass), but legume hays (like alfalfa) aren't good for them.

What type of grass is best for cattle?

Pretty well all types of grasses. Brome, Fescue, Bluegrass, Orchard grass, and Wheatgrass are just a few of the many types of grasses that are grown for cattle to graze and are grown to be used as hay.

Can rabbits eat oat grass?

Yes, rabbits can eat oat grass (oat hay), but it's a little too high in carbs/fat to be eaten every day. Oat grass should be considered a treat hay for most bunnies (some bunnies are fine to eat it more often; underweight bunnies might want to eat it more often; overweight ones maybe should avoid it entirely). Good everyday hay includes timothy grass, brome, meadow grass, orchard grass, Bermuda grass.

What are four different feedstuffs that can be fed to horses?

you can feed horses sweet feed, plain grain, otes, Brome hay, grass, a LITTLE bit of apples like one maby two.

What should you plant for a hay field for horses and if you answer timothy brome and alfalfa what percentage?

I was actually just talking to this woman I am buying a horse from and we were talking about what needs to be in hay. Try avoiding grass and weeds in your hay. The hay should be green when its rolled and not yellow/brown because there is more protein if it's green. Lots of alfalfa. I can't give a good percentage, but make sure you have lots. I'm not sure about brome... But tomothy isn't as important as alfalfa so I'm just going to say anywhere from 5-25%.

How do you make hay in little alchemy?

grass + scythe = hay grass + farmer = hay

What plant cow eats?

Corn, oats, barley, timothy grass, brome grass, clover etc.

What is the other name for Hay or Grass?

hay or grass(Y)

What is pasture grass and hay considered to be?

pasture grass and hay

Should miniature horses eat alfalfa hay or grass hay?

They should eat grass hay :)

Is brome hay good or bad for rabbits?

Yes it is very good for rabbits my rabbit loves it but don't give it to much 1 or 2 hand fuels are great according to the size and type of rabbit hope you're rabbits eat some brome hay

What is dried grass?

all dried grass is called hay. it is where you dry fresh cut grass make it into hay.

Clover is an example of Legume hay used for horses. Is Timothy a grass hay or legume hays?

Timothy is a grass hay

Why is there grass in your bundle of hay?

There is grass in that bundle of hay because that's what was cut and gathered up as hay. A little extra grass in a bale or bundle of hay isn't going to hurt anyone or anything. Pretty sure the cows will enjoy it just as much as there was no grass in the hay you're feeding them.

How tall should grass be to cut for hay?

Hay is dried Alfalfa and not the grass you grow in your yard.

What is hay made of?

Hay is 'sun' dried grass.

What is orchard hay?

Orchard hay is a type of grass hay grown from orchard grass. This type of hay is excellent horse feed, but can be fed to most any grazing animal.

What grass is used to make hay?

purple grass!!

What do cows eat the most of hay or grass?

If they were given a choice, they'd choose grass over hay any day. But during the winter months when there is no grass to eat, hay is their primary choice.

What is a good horse hay?

Either alfalfa hay or grass hay but if would prefere alfalfa hay

How do you make hay on alchemy game?

Hay = grass + scythe

How do you make hay on little alchemy?