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It has many uses such as: · fumigants · flameproofing agents · water purification compounds · dyes · medicines · inorganic bromine (AgBr) is used in Photography film · pesticides · water purification · used to make plastics flame retardant · In gold extraction to find more just go on to Google and type down "uses of Bromine" or

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Q: What is bromine and what are its uses?
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Bromine uses What are some. I am doing a report on bromine and i need some uses. 6 uses to be exact?

Dyes, agrochemicals, water purification, an emulsifier and others I can not remember. Google " bromine; everyday uses. " I think it is used as some kind of fumigant too.

What are the uses of bromine?

a fumigant normally used in soil sterilization

What are the main uses of bromine?

a fumigant normally used in soil sterilization

What are the common uses for bromine?

Where is bromine found? * in the Earth's crust and in the seawater in various chemical forms. I'm pulling this off of the CDC website-apparently, it's deadly?

What is the difference between bromine and bromine water?

Bromine is pure liquid bromine Bromine Water is bromine mixed with water

What is the difference between bromine water and liquid bromine?

Liquid bromine is the Real Bromine, while Bromine water is a mixture of Bromine and Water

Slogan for bromine?

Bromine is bromine no matter how toxic

What are the 3 states of the element bromine?

Liquid = Bromine Solid = Solid Bromine Gas = Bromine vapor

How is bromine bad for humans?

bromine is a halogen (an element that can be very reactive and acidic). similar to inhaling chlorine and fluorine which is even more toxic. this is because bromine has 7 electrons in outermost orbit and capable of stealing 1 electrons from another molecule/atoms/element to achieve a stable octet structure. this makes bromine negatively charge which can cause damage in your body. Bromine does have it's human uses, though. Bromine compounds are used in some medications, and if you've ever swum in a large heated pool, odds are the disinfectant in the water was bromine just as likely as chlorine.

What are the naturally occurring isotopes of bromine?

Bromine-79 and Bromine-81

What is the most common isotope of bromine?

Bromine 79 and Bromine 81

What is the difference between Bromine liquid and Bromine aqueous solution?

Bromine liquid is the element bromine (Br) in liquid form. Nothing else is there. Bromine Aqueous solution is the element bromine dissolved in a solvent.

What is the difference between liquid bromine and bromine water?

One has water in it (bromine water) and the other is just pure bromine.

What is the state of bromine?

Bromine is a liquid at Room, but it give out some bromine vapor

What substance are in bromine?

2 atoms of Bromine[Br] are in Molecular Bromine(Br2)

What will you see if you dissolved bromine in water?

You will see Aqueous Bromine or Bromine water

Is bromine a metal?

No. Bromine is a nonmetal.

Is bromine a solution?

No, Bromine is an element.

What happens with bromine?

bromine is reduced

What is the latin name of bromine?


What happens to bromine?

bromine is reduced

Does bromine bond with itself?

Yes, a Bromine atom can bond to another similar Bromine atom, to make a Bromine molecule: Br2

Is bromine a mixture?

Bromine is an element, and therefore a pure substance, not a mixture. However, sometimes people loosely refer to bromine water (a solution of bromine in water) as just bromine.

Is bromine an electrolyte?

No, bromine is an element. But bromide is an electrolyte of bromine with a negative charge of 1.

If Bromine can displace iodine what can displace bromine?

Fluorine, and Chlorine can displace bromine from a compound.