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What is bushido?

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bushido is the way of the warrior it is the code of conduct

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How can you use bushido in a sentence?

Bushido is a way of life practiced by the samurai. It means "The Way of the Warrior Knight." Here are some sentences.Honor and Honesty are principles of bushido.Bushido originated in Japan.Samurai practiced bushido.

When was Bushido born?

Bushido was born on September 28, 1978.

When was Bushido FC created?

Bushido FC was created in 1999.

What is the realname of bushido?

Bushido is the real name for Bushido. It was the code of conduct for Samurai similar to the precepts of Knighthood for European Knights.

What is the Bushido?

bushido is samurais code of conduct which shows the rule of behavior.

What values did bushido emphasize?

Loyalty to your master, and dedication to Bushido were the main ones.

When was Bushido Karaoke created?

Bushido Karaoke was created on 2005-06-21.

Why did japan have the code of bushido?

the code of the bushido was used for the samurai to give them courage and strength

How old is Bushido?

Bushido is 32 years old (birthdate: September 28, 1978).

How does the way of the warrior represent bushido?

Because in Japanese, The way of the warrior translates into Bushido

Who was Bushido meant for in World War 2 for the Japanese?

Bushido was a code of conduct for warriors.

What is the duration of Bushido Blade film?

The duration of Bushido Blade - film - is 1.73 hours.

Who are the people who practiced Bushido?

The Japanese Samurai were the people who followed the code of Bushido. This was their code of Chivalry.

When was Bushido - rapper - born?

Bushido - rapper - was born on 1978-09-28.

When was Bushido Blade - film - created?

Bushido Blade - film - was created in 1981.

What are the 4 religions of the bushido code?

The four religions of the Bushido code are Shinto, Buddhism, Zen and Confucianism.

What is the samurai creed?


What rhymes with Bushido?


What is the samurai honor?


A bushido was a supreme military commander in Japan?

NO Bushido is the code of the samurai. A shogun was a supreme military commander in japan

Does japan still follow Bushido?

Yes, some businessmen whose ancestors are samurais follow the philosophy of the Bushido.

How did the Bushido samurai code influence martial arts?

Bushido was based on many values taken from different religions

When was Janine - Bushido song - created?

Janine - Bushido song - was created on 2007-02-09.

When did Bushido Blade - video game - happen?

Bushido Blade - video game - happened in 1997.

How do you learn bushido?

Bushido is learned by learning a Japanese martial art. Bushido, the way of the warrior, is a code of ethics, moral compass and general all around way of living that represents the way of life of the fighters in Japan. Learning Bushido would be learning absolute dedication to your family and Emperor. Therefore, being a foreigner and wanting to learn the Bushido code would be pointless as it would hold little meaning. The Bushido way of life is the ultimate sacrifice for your country and your family name.