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possession of heroin for personal use.

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What is ca penal code hs 11364A?

Possession of drug paraphernalia

What is CA Penal code 11375 B 2 HS?

possession of a designated substance

What is ca penal code 11359 hs?

felony possession of marijuana with intent to sell

What is CA Penal Code 11378 HS?

Possession of a controlled substance, such as methamphetamine, heroine, or cocaine.

What is CA Penal Code 11550 HS?

Health and safety ....under the influence of a cotrolled sustance.

What is CA Penal Code 11377 a HS?

It is the law making it a crime to possess controlled substances.

What is Penal Code 647 b?

That is the CA penal code for prostitution.

What is ca penal code 186.22f?

what is the penal code 186.22 (f)

What is ca vehicle code 14601.5?

what is penal code 14601.5

What is the penalty in ca for penal code 211 robbery?

the penal code for 211 robbery i belive it 707 b

What penal code is 220.09 1 in California?

There is no penal code 220.09 1 in CA. I have a list of penal codes and it doesn't exist. Check to see if you got the code correct.

What is CA Penal Code 602.5?

Trespassing. http://law.onecle.com/california/penal/602.5.html

What is CA Penal Code 11377A?

Possession of a controlled substance.

What is CA penal code 484?

its mostly about petty theft

What is CA 242 PC?

It is the California Penal Code for battery.

What is the health and safety code section for possession of Oxycontin in ca?

Health & Safety Code §11350(a)(2) covers all prescription drugs.

What is ca penal code 3056 PC?

3056pc is a California Code for "Violation if Parole"


Conspiracy; both felony and misdemeanor are covered.

What is CA Penal Code 4152?

California Penal Code 4152 is for the private land owners to suppress and the prevention of any fire. The landowners may hire fire wardens on their own under this penal code.

What is CA penal code 4149?

Illegal possession of a hypodermic syringe

How can you find out about ca penal code?

Use an internet search engine.

What punishment does a 417a1 of the ca penal code carry?

Currently, in 2012, s. 417(a)1. of the CA Penal Code says the punishment is "imprisonment in a county jail for not less than 30 days."

What is CA penal code 12020A1 PC?

i believe it is carrying a weapon such as a dirk or dagger

What is ca penal code 11370.1 A?

possession of a controlled substance while armed with a firearm

What is ca penal code vc23123a?

Operating a motor vehicle while talking on a cell phone

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