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What is calculus used for?

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not much

LIAR. we do it in maths so ner ner ner ner ner.
Up until calculus, you can essentially deal with functions of a constant slope (a straight line). I.e.: y = 1/3x + 9. We know the slope on that function is 1/3. However what is the slope of y = e5x+sin(9x)? It's y' = 5e5x+9cos(x)

You should also know trigonometry and can use some trig functions to deviate from constant slopes, but you really don't know how to find the slopes. What is the slope of y = cos(9x)? It's y' = -9sin(9x)

Calculus teaches you two fundamental operations (and a whole lot of application with these two operations):

1) How to find the slope of a curve (the derivative)

This let's you find the maximum and minimum's of a function, optimize problems (i.e., figure out how to use the least amount of materials given some parameters), and has and endless amounts of utility.


2) How to find the area under a curve. (the integral)

This let's you find the totals for a number of problems (example, find the total accumulated amount of money, given a function that relates time and money), let's you calculate the real areas, volumes, etc. of realistic surfaces (not everything is shaped like a box or triangle), and also has endless amounts of utility.

If you want to go into any science, engineering, research field, or just any technical field, you are going to want to have calculus. It is a fundamental subject, that teaches you operations (must like addition and subtraction), finding thedeterminateand integrals are too operations.

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Is trigonometry part of calculus?

It is certainly used in calculus, just as calculus can be used in trigonometry.

Whose version of calculus is used in calculus textbooks?

Mainly Leibniz's and Newton's version is used in Calculus Textbooks.

What is the difference between Newton and Leibniz calculus?

The difference between Leibniz calculus to Newton calculus was that Leibniz developed Newton's calculus into the calculus we all know today. For instance, diffentiation and intergration, limits, continuity, etc. This type of calculus was the pure mathematics. On the otherhand, the calculus which Newton found was that used in physics, such as speed and velocity which helped with physics greatly. Today, calculus not only used in just mathematics or physics, but used in finance, as well as exploited in engineering.

How is pre-calculus used in the real world?

In the 'real world', the purpose of a course of study in pre-calculus is to prepare the student for a course of study in Calculus.

How many calculus courses are there?

High SchoolCalculus AB - Calculus 1Calculus BC - Calculus 1 + part of Calculus 2College:Calculus 1: Single variable calculusCalculus 2: Multi-variable CalculusCalculus 3: Vector CalculusCalculus 4: Differential Equation

How Is Calculus Used in Engineering?

For Literally Everything.

Is calculus used in quantum physics?

yes it is

How is calculus used?

Calculus is used a lot in business decisions. I am a Business Administration major. An examples is the break-even point in calculus. You need to know how to do this in business so you know how much of a product that you need to sell in order to cover your cost. Hope this helps some. +++ That is just one field, but Calculus is used in a huge range of scientific and engineering problems.

What is a point of explosion in calculus?

I don't think such a term is used in calculus. Check the spelling. Perhaps you mean point of inflection?

Uses of calculus?

It is widely used in Engineering and Physics.

The inventor of calculus which he used to prove his theories?


What is the infinity button used for?

Calculus doesn't have buttons.

What was the term Newton used in his work with calculus?


What is the reason to have multivariate calculus?

Multivariate calculus is an advanced form of calculus that uses multiple variables. There are several applications, of which one example might be its usage in computer science. In computer science, for example, multivariate calculus is used to determine the scaling of graphics.

Is calculus anything to do with algebra?

Yes; in a larger view of calculus (small stones used for counting) it deals with the abstract aspects of various mathematics, usually functions and limits, Calculus is the study of change.

What is the meaning of the Latin word calculus?

The Latin word calculus means "pebble". It is still used this way in medicine, where "calculus" can be used to refer to a kidney stone or gallstone, and by extension to the mineral buildup on teeth also called "tartar".The mathematical term "calculus" derives from the ancient use of pebbles as counters on counting tables (abacuses).

What is calculus used for in the present?

It is used in almost every field of science and much more! Here is a link to something fun that uses calculus.

Is Elementary Calculus the same as Pre-Calculus?

Pre-calculus refers to concepts that need to be learned before, or as a prerequisite to studying calculus, so no. First one studies pre-calculus then elementary calculus.

Do veterinarians use precalculus in practice?

The specific mathematical techniques taught in pre-calculus are not routinely used by veterinarians in practice. However, the thought process and theoretical concepts taught by pre-calculus are used routinely. In addition, veterinarians in research or those specializing in cardiopulmonary treatment use pre-calculus and calculus techniques on a regular basis.

Where does the name calculus came from?

The term calculus comes directly from Latin. In Latin a calculus (noun) is a small stone used for counting, much like the beads on an abacus. One of the fundamental uses for modern calculus is integration, which is of course addition of infinitely small sections.

Which is harder calculus or applied calculus?

Calculus; by a long shot.

The invemtor of calculus which he used to prove his theories?

Issac Newton

When was calculus invented?

Calculus was invented or rather can be detailed as back as 1820 B.C. when the Egyptians used it in order to calculate the volume of the pyramidal frustum

What kind of math is used in physics?

One uses calculus including differential equations and vector calculus in the undergrad courses which is as far as got.

Scientist who made calculus?

Newton is the named founder of Calculus. Yet there is controversy because it is claimed that Leibniz stole Newton's Calculus notes and took all credit for Calculus. But to this day Leibniz's integral and derivative notation is more commonly used that Newton's which was found confusing.