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ASP.NET 2.0 includes a new Client Callback feature that enables you to retrieve page values and populate them to an already-generated page with out reconstructing page. This makes it possible to use on a page with out going through the entire post back cycle; that means you can update your pages without completely redrawing the page.

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A callback is executable code that is passed as an argument to other code. It allows a lower-level software layer to call a subroutine (or function) defined in a higher-level layer. Callbacks have a wide variety of uses. For example, imagine a function that reads..

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The term callback in computer programming can have more than just one meaning. Mainly the term callback means a code that is an argument to another existing code.

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In computer programming, a callback is a mechanism that allows one function (the callback function) to be passed to another function (the callee) via an argument. The callback function may be a (pointer to) function, a function object reference or a llambda expression. The caller can then invoke the callee with different callbacks to obtain different results from the same function. As an example, a sorting algorithm will sort a sequence container in ascending order by default. It achieves this by invoking the less-than operator upon the container's elements to compare them. But if the element's do not have a less-than operator, or the user wants to sort the elements by some other order (such as descending order), they must provide a user-defined callback because the less-than operator is the default callback.

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