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If I understand correctly, there are a few calls that the official can call against the serving team.

1. Foot fault- if the servers foot touches/crosses the end line as he/she is serving.

2. Out of rotation- if the serving team is not in the correct order before/during the service.

3. Out of bounds- if the server serves the ball out of any of the lines on the opposing side of the court or crosses the planes of the antennae.

4. Short ball- if the ball doesn't make it over the net.

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Whose score is called first in volleyball?

The team who is serving .

What is the position called when a server serves a volleyball?

every single position on a volleyball court serves. there is no specific serving position

What is it called in volleyball when the server steps over the serving line?

Foot fault.

When was volleyball invented?

Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William Morgan in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA, who called it "mintonette". The name changed to "volleyball" the following year.

In volleyball what is the illegal move by the serving team where they conceal the serve from the opponent?

isn't it called screening?

What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

It is called a "foot fault".

What is it called when the ball hits the net in volleyball?

It is called a short but it is not only hitting the net, it is going under too. This is only for serving.

What was volleyball called before it was called volleyball?

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What was volleyball called before volleyball?


What is it in volleyball called when the ball hits the net and still goes over to the correct serving box?

There are no serving boxes in volleyball but if the ball hits the net and still lands within the court the ball is still in play and is considered a good serve.You may have your sports mixed up though, in tennis there are serving boxes and if the ball skims the net and still lands in it is called a "let" and this means the stroke must be replayed.

How many points do you get if your team is serving and the ball hits the floor of the other team just after you served in volleyball?

AnswerYour team gets 1 point and that is called an ace.All points in volleyball are one point -Elora

What is the endline in volleyball?

The endline is the out of bounds line that can also be called the serving line. It is parallel with the net where as the side lines run perpendicular to the net.

Scoring in volleyball is called what?

Scoring in volleyball is basically just called, scorekeeping.

What is the original name of volleyball?

It was always called a volleyball

What is a mintonette in volleyball?

Mintonette is what Volleyball used to be called.

What was the first name for volleyball?

Volleyball was originally called mintonette.

What is service change in volleyball?

A Service Change in Volleyball in pretty self-explanatory. When the serving team loses a point this is called a "Service change" which means that the opposition becomes the serving team and serves the next point. You could break it down to a less technical term 1. Serve Change 2. Change Serve This term is also used in Tennis.

What are serves called in volleyball?

They are called serves.

Why it is called volleyball?

VOLLEYBALL comes from the word VOLLEY which means to bump or hit and a ball is a round hard/soft object.VOLLEY+BALL=VOLLEYBALL. VOLLEYBALL+ME= my life.

Who discovered volleyball?

No one discovdered volleyball. William Morgan invented Mintonette (now called volleyball) in a YMCA in Massachusetts.

What volleyball technique is used to hit the volleyball when the volleyball travels below the waist?

I believe it's called setting the ball

What is violation of volleyball rules called?

This is easy, anyone should know this answer. Any violation of the rules in volleyball is called a fault.

Who what were when slideout volleyball?

Its called a side out and its when the other team is serving the ball and you get the point because of a missed serve or maybe you got the ball up for a nice set and you hit the ball and they miss it.

Is volleyball in the Paralympics?

Yes, its called sitting volleyball because the players sit on the floor.

What is the wife fo Imam called?

She doesn't have an official name. But in everyday Arabic languages she can be described or called in the following way : Zawjat alemam .

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