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What is camphor used for?

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Camphor has many uses. It can be used to relive Arthritis,stiff muscle, joints and such. It it also used mixed with something like Olive oil to treat Minor Trauma like bruises. If you mix it with something like Vasoline you can rub it on your chest to clear up congestion. It can Soften Chapped lips You can use it for all types of instect bites, and it will also repell insects. It can be used to treat eczema, and helps in the healing of burns and small sounds. The Chinese use the herb to help with treating Diarrhea It should NOT be USED or TAKEN INTERNALLY

2006-07-30 05:19:16
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Q: What is camphor used for?
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Can camphor be used in soap making?

Yes, camphor soap is quite common in Asia. if you make it yourself, it's 10% Camphor.

Is camphor dangerous if used in your hair?


What is camphor used for in nail polish?


What is camphor usually used for?

Camphor is a white, solid, flammable solid found in Asia. It is used for things such as medicinal purposes, religions ceremonies, cooking and as an embalming fluid.

What religious ceremonies is camphor used for?

in Islam camphor is used for giving bath to deadbody before burial it helps the body against decay and also give it a good smell!!!

Can Camphor be used to prevent snakes and bugs in a garden?

Camphor is thought to keep snakes and some types of bugs away. It can also be used as a medicine, which is usually applied to the skin.

What is camphor used to treat?

Camphor produces a similar feeling of cooling to menthol, and is easily absorbed in the skin. It's a slight anesthetic, and as such is often used as an anti-itch gel.

What is the method used for separating camphor and sodium chloride?


Can camphor be used to war of evil?

I was told to break camphor into pieces and sprinkle around the home to keep evil spirits away. I hope that helps.

Is camphor crystalline or amorphous?

Camphor is a crystalline substance.

Is camphor a metal or nonmetal?

Camphor is a chemical compound.

Which method to separate camphor and salt?

v can separate camphor and salt by the method of sublimation by dis method camphor sublime easily and faster .......thus salt and camphor separate

Do camphor and magnesium form flame?

Yes, both of them are used in fireworks

What is a synonym for camphor?

2-Bornanone that is from

What are the elements in camphor?

camphor contains hydrogen,nitrogen,oxygen

How can you separate salt and camphor?

You can seperate camphor from salt by HEATING

Sublimation process of sodium chloride and camphor?

sublimation of camphor

What is the use of camphor?

Camphor can be used as a topical analgesic or as an aromatic, or both. It is one of the active ingredients in pain-relieving salves and balms that are common in Asian and sports remedies.

Are camphor balls and moth balls the same thing?

Camphor balls and moth balls are the same thing. They are both used to in storage areas to keep away moths.

Do dogs like camphor smell?

what do i do if my dog ate camphor berries

Why camphor disappears?

Camphor "disappears" because it volatilizes and turns into a vapor.

What are the Camphor oil mix ratios with olive oil?

One TEAspoon camphor to 20 TABLEspoon Olive as too much camphor is TOXIC !

Does camphor produce CO2 while burning?

Yes, camphor is an organic compound.

When was Alexander Priestly Camphor born?

Alexander Priestly Camphor was born in 1865.

When did Alexander Priestly Camphor die?

Alexander Priestly Camphor died in 1919.