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What is cash-flow and what affects it?

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Cash flow is money coming in and money going out. If you arent getting any cash to flow then you dont have a cash flow. Say you had a great job making a lot of money.... you had money coming in because you were working.... well your money was also going out because you were buying things you wanted. Then you lost your great job. Your cash flow stopped.... you now have to budget your money. You still have a cash flow as long as you are spending that money. Once you run out of money you no longer have a cash flow.

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When was Cashflow Technologies created?

Cashflow Technologies was created in 1997.

What is cashflow in sorority life?

Cashflow is how much money you have after paying for Upkeep of your Glam.

Does depreciation have an effect on cashflow?

No it's a non cash transaction so it will never affect cashflow.

Can I monitor and track my business cash flow using a computer program? has a program called Cashflow Plan. It is a program that allows you to prepare monthly cashflow projections. Cashflow is a good program for tracking cashflow as well as planning your budgets and improvment plans.

What are the problems of cashflow?

r is for reserved

What is the definition of cashflow?

Money in, money out.

What is the purpose of the word cashflow?

Cashflow describes the flow of cash between cash coming in and cash going out. The word Cashflow usually arises in businesses and its purpose is to influence the entrepreneur to ensure he/she has enough money coming in to cover monies going out.

Examples of business problem?

Cashflow management

International project appraisal?

discounted cashflow method is used

Types of financial system?

cashflow,incomesystemand balance sheets

A plan for making and spending money?

Budget, forecast, cashflow

How does Asset revaluation reserve affect cashflow statement. Is it even included in cashflow statement. Or does the increase in freehold property offset the increase in revaluation reserve?

it is included in cash flow statement

Why cash flow is made after balance sheet?

Cashflow statement is preferably prepared after the balance sheet because it becomes much more easier to pick cashflow items from the bal. sheet than from individual ledgers.

Where do you go to play the investment game 'Cash Flow'?

There are several places where someone can go to play the investment game "Cashflow". Some possible options are Living Cashflow 101, Rich Dad and Online Investing AI.

Do increase of prepayment increase or decrease cash flow?

An increase in prepayment will decreases cashflow

What are the ratings and certificates for Last of the Summer Wine - 1973 Cashflow Problems 13-4?

Last of the Summer Wine - 1973 Cashflow Problems 13-4 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U (video rating) (2008)

What is the reason for negative relationship between bond price and yield?

The Present Value (value now) of a fixed cashflow, paid in the future is calculated using the following formula; Present Value = Cashflow/(1+ yield) As the yield rises, the PV falls.

What term is used for a detailed estimate income and spending for a twelve month period?

Cashflow forecast

What is the statement of cash flow used for?

The cashflow statement is used for knowing the cash out flow and inflow in a business/project.

Can you send me a list of the cashflow lists in harnett?

No sorry that sort of thing is a scam. You are better off working for a collection agency.

What is the importance of the accounting process?

The accounting process is how money is received or paid in a company or organization. It is the groundwork for the whole cashflow in a company or organization.

How does revaluation of inventory affects the cashflow statement?

Revaluation of inventory has no net effect on the cashflow statement as there has been no movement in cash. If the value of inventory is increased, the debit entry to inventory revaluation is negated by the credit entry to the revaluation reserve / shareholders' funds. If the value of inventory is decreased (more common), the credit entry to inventory writedown is negated by the debit entry as an expense or cost of sales item through the "statement of financial position" to retained earnings / shareholders' funds. Treatment and disclosure of course would vary depending on the materiality, timing, accounting standards applicable to the jurisdiction and legislative / regulatory requirements with which the entity is obliged to comply.

Do you have to include fixed overhead in cashflow?

It would not be an accurate cash flow analysis without all income and outgoing finance itemised and accounted for

What part of a monthly business plan helps a business owner know whether or not the business will be able to pay its bills?

The most critical part of the business plan for knowing if you can cover the bills is the cashflow statement. If you don't keep an official cashflow statement, your monthly business snapshot should show your cash on hand, short term receivables so you know how much cash you can expect to receive over the next 30 days and short term payables so you know how much outgoing cash you'll have in the next 30 days. Cashflow is the most important measurement to stay in business.

How do you calculate debt to service ratio?

Debt Service Ratio and Debt Coverage Ratio mean the same thing. To calculate, * Add back any interest expense to get 'Cashflow Available to Pay Debt'. * Divide Cashflow Available to Pay Debt' by the debt payments for the period. * An answer of 1.0 or better means there is just enough cashflow to cover the debt. * Most lenders want to see 1.2 to 1.3 for a business Example: Net Income for the year $5,000 after a deduction of $10,000 interest expense. Debt payments of $1,200 per month. ($1,200 x 12 =$14,400 per year) Cashflow Available to pay Debt $5,000 plus $10,000 equals $15,000. Debt Service Ratio: $15,000/$14,400 1.04 Probably not enough to keep the commercial lenders happy.