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causality is when someone or a pet may be themselves without being afraid.

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What is the medical room called?

Casuality department

Someone wounded or killed in the war?

A casuality. I think

What was the word that meant when soldiers are killed or wounded?


What actors and actresses appeared in Casuality - 2011?

The cast of Casuality - 2011 includes: Mika Gill as Tracy Tim Intravia as Justin Lisa Peart as Rachel

How do you beat level on casuality on boredcom?

go die in a hole

How do you pass level 2 on the game casuality?

You throw the game out.

First casuality of the American Revolution 2?

AMerican Revolution 2? There was none

How high do you elevate a casuality lower extremities when in shock?

8 to 12 inches

How do you pass level one on casuality on

Can someone please answer this question because i have this question too!

What should you always do when treating a casuality for heat exhaustion or heat stroke?

Remove the causualty from the hot enviroment

What is the relationship between correlation and causation?

correlation implies the cause and effect relationship,, but casuality doesn't imply correlation.

What is the difference of a casuality and a fatality?

"Casualty" refers to a person who is killed or injured. "Fatality" refers specifically to a person who is killed.

Is it possible for a first aid provider to cause further injury to casuality?

yes further injury can be done to the body

What happened in holby city?

Holby city is about people who save people in a hospital.. Its like a casuality or NHS . Its really good :)

In Resident Evil who are two nameless non-important characters who die?

Well, there is actually a couple of characters who die in the game that aren't really important. The 1st casuality is Kevin Dooley, the pilot of the Bravo team's helicopter. The 2nd casuality is Joseph Frost, a member of the Alpha Team. Inside the mansion, the 3rd casuality is Kenneth Sullivan. The 4th casuality is Forest Speyer. The 5th casuality is Richard Aiken, he dies from poison in the original. In the Gamecube version, he either gets eaten by the snake (for Jill) or he is eaten by a shark (for Chris). Either way he is not very helpful. With Jill, if you save him, you can use him as bait and go get the Death Mask. Go leave and you will hear him scream which indicates that he just died. The 6th casuality is Enrico Marini (the captain of the Bravo team). He is either killed by Barry or Wesker (it depends on who you choose at the beginning of the game). Brad, who is the pilot for the Alpha team, ends up dying in Resident Evil 3. So, a total of 7 S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) members die. Only Jill, Chris, Barry, Rebecca and Wesker make it out alive. If you have Resident Evil:The Umbrella Chronicles, you will see how Wesker survives.

What is the purpose of raising the legs of casuality in shock?

Raising the legs allows the blood to flow to the most vital organs (heart, brain) during shock.

What rank must the CAO be in comparison to the casuality?

Casualty Assistance Officers and Casualty Notification Officers are required to be equal or higher rank than that of the deceased.

What has the author Rina Dechter written?

Rina Dechter has written: 'Heuristics, probability, and casuality' -- subject(s): Probabilities, Heuristic programming, Causation, Artificial intelligence

What is a casuality of war?

The casualties of war are things or people that are lost. A loss of a military or civilian life, as well as the loss of perspective, loss of moral code, or code of honor is my perception of the term.

What famous general was casuality of the battle of chancelorville?

Stonewall Jackson was the famous general that was a casualty of the Battle of Chancellorsville. Brig. Gen. Elisha F. Paxton was also killed during this battle.

What was the last confederate victory?

It was won at Chickamauga. No, actually, technically, the last confederate victory happened a few months after the Lee's surrender at Palmino Ranch in Texas. The last recorded casuality was a Union soldier at that battle.

How do you get past the second level of casuality?

slip the brick touch the creased corners of the toilet take off his helmet press the head and pull the cord dip the sandwich and press on the glider not the actual glider the person on the body

Why did the United States had fewer casualties than many other counties in ww1?

The only reason the US lacked the high casuality rate of the other nations is that it only had troop deployment that could rival the other nations until the final months of the war.

Is Kelly Clarkson a poser?

Kelly Clarkson is not a poser. In fact, in the celebrity world, she ranks among the most down-to-earth and normal celebrities out there. She is known for her casuality, friendliness, and approachability. What you see of her is completely real. She hasn't let her status as a "celebrity" go to her head at all; she is a very real, normal person that has stated she could do without the fame.

Did Bob Brown attempt to save Jimi Hendrix's life?

No Jimi Hendrix had been dead some time when his body arrived at the hospital Bob Brown was working in. From an interview on Radio 2GB : Bob Brown "Hendrix was brought into St Marys hospital in South Kensington....I'd just graduated from Sydney University as a young doctor, I went to London....I was doing locum, and I happened to be in the casuality at St Mary's Abbott when Jimi Hendrix was brought in. The man had been dead some time. The supposition is that he had died from an overdose, early in the morning, and this was quite a few hours later, so there was no revival possible. "It's a long bow to draw (that Hendrix was murdered). Of course the circumstantial evidence has long been gone, I have absolutely no opinion or information that would help one way or the other. It was an enormous tragedy at the time. "It wasn't as if there was something to be done about (Hendrix's death). There simply wasn't...any medical remedy. And as to what police investigations took place at the time, I've got no knowledge of that."